Plus Size Spring 2014 Fashion

I am plus size AND proud! Even at my smallest by traditional sizing standards I would be considered “plus size”. Whatever, it’s a title I used to hate but now I embrace! I stand at just under 5’10 so I can wear a heavier weight fairly well. Could I stand to lose weight? Yes, I would love to drop 50 pounds and I have already begun the process of eating better and becoming a bit more active. In the mean time I still want to look stylish and put together! Here are a few outfits I put together for Spring even though it still feels like winter sometimes in Chicago… Weather forecasters are saying snow next week… BOO! Oh well if I were going back to LA I’d be wearing these outfits!

Boho For The Day

Boho is big this season and this is how I would wear it so that it is age appropriate but still young and fun.

Spring 2014 Outfit 1 Shopping/Girlfriends/Casual

Normally I am not a fan of shorts and boots but I saw an outfit similar in LA and I loved it! So much so that I thought it would make a great transition outfit from Spring to Summer. Or for cool Summer days.

Casual Outfit 2

Out of all the outfits I created, this one closely resembles my daily “uniform”. I really love the addition of the mint bag. Accessories are a great way to add in trendy colors that can become dated once a season is over.

Daytime Professional Look

This outfit is inspired by friend, mentor and sister from another mister: Ana Lydia Monaco! I don’t normally wear heals so I thought some stylish flats would be nice for us tall girls who are height conscious. The outfit is classic and professional. Great for a meeting, business lunch or business dinner. The statement necklace really stands out as the star of the outfit and takes what could be a boring outfit and making it chic.

B;ack & Rose Gold

The classic black wrap dress is a go to dress for every woman. They range in price from cheap and cheerful (ala Wendy Willaims… How you doin!) to high end DVF wraps. I like to invest in great, statement pieces like a wrap dress so I own a higher end version. BUT if you are a frugalista you can take a low end wrap dress and make it look like a million dollars with great accessories in hot, trendy colors. I chose rose gold/blush which is my color of the moment.

What are your Spring 2014 essentials? Share them below!


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  1. The second and third outfits are my faves. Congrats to embracing your plus sized status.

    • Because of my body type I will ALWAYS be considered “plus size” even at my smallest and healthiest weight I was a 10-12 which to most is considered “plus”. To me it’s just a label but then again I am pretty tall so I have a very different view of what it means to be “plus” than a shorter to average height woman. =)

  2. The fourth outfit is my favorite!

  3. I love your style! I especially like the accessories in the last look, and the second look overall!!

  4. Nice looks!

  5. These outfits are so cute!

  6. Adorable outfits! You have great taste. I especially love the mint purse! <3

  7. These are so cute! I love statement jewelry. Those brown shoes with the ankle strap are adorable.

  8. Very cute outfits, makes me want to go shopping!

  9. Love the last look. I’m a sucker for a black dress!

  10. The outfit with the navy skirt is adorbs!

  11. this post is so dangerous… I need to shop now

  12. I absolutely love these.

  13. I’d say these are great for any size. Classy and fun!

  14. The first outfit is so my style!

  15. Love the outfits you created, rose gold set is my favorite :)

  16. I love your black and rose gold outfit

  17. I love your style! Rose gold looks great with any outfit!

  18. Love all the outfits you put together

  19. These looks are adorable!

  20. I like the top one :)

  21. Great style, great picks!

  22. Loveeeee those boots! I’m still digging bright colors – I swear they make my mood happier.

    • I generally shy away from super bright colors because they actually hurt my eyes to look at. But I have been gravitating towards blush, peach and mint on all my shopping excursions. =)

  23. i love all the jewelry in each one

  24. I am really feeling the jewelry and accessories (handbags all super cute).

  25. The sandals in the first outfit are gorgeous!

  26. I love all the looks!

  27. i adore these outfits, especially casual outfit 1 !

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