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Too Faced A la Mode Palette is part of their Summer 2014 collection. The A La Mode Palette consists of 9 eye shadows. Three eye shadows with a combined weight of .21 OZ and six with a combined weight of .18 OZ for a combined product weight of .39 OZ. This palette retails for $36.00 and it is available at Too Faced retailers nationwide. The Too Faced A La Mode palette is limited edition last I checked.

Summer sizzles this year with Too Faced’s newest nine shadow palette. Now I LOVED Too Faced’s Pretty Rebel and their Winter 2013 Holiday Palette so I was hoping that they would continue the love train. And they have, well sort of. My initial thought when I first saw the palette is that it reminded me of their Pretty Rebel palette, and while there are some similarities, they are both different.  The combination of colors range from light gold to hot pink. The A La Mode Palette skews VERY warm so neutral to warm toned beauties will love it. If you lean neutral to cool like me, it can be a challenge to work with BUT it still looks great on.

too faced a la mode side by side

There are no matte shades in this palette, all nine shades range from satins to shimmers. Most of the shades in the A La Mode palette performed exceptionally. The notable exception is the glittery shade St. Tropez which suffers in the pigment department and it can be fallout prone if not used correctly. I do find it pretty over a sticky base as a glittery overlay. The other eight shades wore for 4-6 hours without creasing and no primer. With primer I was able to go 12+ hours with little to no sign of fading. The photos taken of me wearing these shadows is at the 12 hour mark with Urban Decay’s classic eye shadow primer.

Notable shades are: De La Mer – a shimmery deep navy blue, Cannes – coppery shimmer, Soleil – A unique red based brown shimmer and Cote d’Azur – a lovely taupe shimmer. The packaging on the A La Mode palette is a welcome change from their older nine shade palettes. Gone is the old cardboard packaging. It has been replaced with a lightweight metal case with a magnetic closure. The packaging is compact and sturdy enough for travel.

swatch ebblog too faced a la mode

From L to R: St. Tropez, Cannes and Soleil

ebblog swatch too faced a la mode

From L to R: Riviera, Jardin and Cote d’Azur

ebblog review too faced a la mode

From L to R: La Croisette, Monaco and De La Mer

Now I do have some issues with the A La Mode Palette. The first would be the omission of at least one matte shade. Thankfully there are satins in the palette to compensate but a nice neutral matte would help round out the shade selection. I also don’t care for the “How-To” glamour guide. “3 Steps, 3 Looks, 3 Minutes” = unblended mess. I don’t like half ass guides and unfortunetly Too Faced is notorious for them.

eyes too faced a la mode ebblog ashley pena ebblog too faced

Other than those gripes I really enjoy the A La Mode Palette. Is it as great as their previous palettes? No, I still prefer their last two eye shadow palettes but the A La Mode Palette is great palette to express your inner glam goddess with this summer, especially if you don’t own anything similar.


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  1. I rarely look at guides that come with palettes. I do like the palette though and I love the look you created with it

  2. Very nice! I had this in my hands yesterday to buy this but opted for the Chocolate Bar instead. I still may go back

  3. The midnight blue in this palette is awesome.

  4. what a great review Ashley. I love Too Faced…their packaging, the product…love it. but, where have I been that I didn’t know about this palette? I love satin shadows. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :) xoxo

  5. I never bother with the glamour guides that come with palettes. I just toss them. :) I bought this palette and I love it. It’s full of fun and beautiful colours.

  6. I have had my eye on this palette – but I can’t bring myself to buy it… I need at least one matte :/

  7. I love the soft look you created with this palette!

  8. Pretty look! I like the pink in the palette!

  9. I never look at the guides either. But I love the soft, pretty look you put together with this palette! I picked it up but haven’t used it yet! Now I need to! :)

    • Thank you! I don’t pay much attention to them either but I am putting myself into the shoes of someone who might not be too familiar with makeup application. These guides are really deceiving!

  10. Love Love LOVE the look. So soft and beautiful. And those shades are gorgeous. I am really liking what Too Faced has been coming out with. I mean their palettes lately- AMAZING!!! Beautiful girl!

  11. Love Too Faced palettes.

  12. Jess Scull says:

    I’m obsessed with this palette!

  13. I like all the colors but I have a soft spot for De La Mer, the black (lol). It is a nice black which for me would double up in other ways, eyeliner and brows.

  14. Very pretty colors. Too bad there isn´t nice matte neutral shade.

  15. The look you created is pretty. I love, love monaco

  16. I love the look of these three especially: Riviera, Jardin and Cote d’Azur

  17. I love this look. It looks amazing on you!

  18. I waiting for mine in the mail!

  19. Love the color variety in this palette!

  20. Those are some interesting colors, they definitely scream “Summer” to me!

  21. De La Mer is so pretty, and I really like Soleil, too.

  22. It’s a beautiful combination and I definitely have my eyes on it. Thanks for being honest about the downfalls!

  23. This is one of my fave TF palettes! It’s so fun!

  24. This looks like a great palette!

  25. Love the colors in this palette! There’s just something awesomely practical about adding a pop color in otherwise neutral palettes.

  26. I really want to get my hands on this palette but I need to get the UD eletric before anything

  27. such a pretty palette i want! love the looks you created

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