Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Loose Glitter Pyrotechnics

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Pyrotechnics is one of Urban Decay’s six new loose glitters called Heavy Metal Loose Glitters. These glitters are part of their Summer 2014 collection and as far as I can tell are part of Urban Decay’s permanent line. Each jar of glitter contains .10 OZ of product and retails for $12.00. Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Loose Glitters are available online now and are also available at Urban Decay retailers nationwide.

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For the purpose of this review I chose what I felt would be the most universal shade to review: Pyrotechnics is a white glitter with an iridescent shift. Most girls love glitter and I am no exception to that rule. However, this glitter is obnoxiously large and chunky making it difficult to apply evenly. I was also afraid to get it into my eye for fear of scratching and irritation. The Heavy Metal Glitters come packaged in a jar with a sifter and a lid. The glitter is so large it was impossible for me to use the sifter to get an ample amount of product out of the jar. I had to take the sifter off to get product out, at that point what good is the sifter?


Sorry but glitter is extremely hard to photograph nicely. This was my least blurry shot.

When paired with Urban Decay’s Bondage (review coming soon!), Pyrotechnics wore for well over 8 hours with minimal fall out. I also found it super easy to clean up. But these positives don’t outweigh the fact that there are much better products out there and in some cases for a better price.

I prefer a much more finely milled, smaller glitter for cosmetic purposes. Unfortunately Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Glitter in Pyrotechnics reminds me of craft glitter that I can buy at any craft store for $1.00. If you’re looking for a great higher end glitter to use around the eye area try the MAC Reflects line.


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  1. That is such a gorgeous glitter!

  2. Such a pretty color. Happy that the fall out it is to clean. But you are right there are better products out there for sure.

  3. Meh, I would leave it. I feel like when you own one glitter you own them all.

  4. I’m quite indifferent to glitters, but some people make them work. And sounds like this one isn’t even that great.

  5. The color is gorgeous but I won’t put it near my eyes. I think it’s perfect for nails.

  6. Thanks for the heads up that there are better products out there for less!

  7. After seeing Phyrra’s review where they got all over the place, I knew they weren’t going anywhere near my eyes! I love glitter on my nails, but I don’t need a $15 glitter for that.

  8. I really dont know what made Urban Decay think they would get glitter right a second time around. They were horrible when they were liners and they are even worse now! Too much fallout if not applied right.

  9. Appreciate the honest review! The color is gorgeous, but I wouldn’t put it near my eye.

  10. The glitter is pretty but there’s no point to it if you don’t put it on your eyes.

  11. I love the colors in this line but agree that they look like craft glitter.

  12. Such a shame. But it’s definitely pretty!

  13. Not a fan of thin glitter myself, the MUFE one is a lot nicer and stays on paired up with their sealant. I also like LIT ‘s glitter.

  14. GLITTTERRR!!! Very sparkly!

  15. Gorgeous glitter, but too chunky for my liking

  16. Love me some glitter!

  17. Esta muy bonito ! Me encanta

  18. this is gorgeous!

  19. That glitter looks fabulous

  20. Love glitter but I freak out when I put big glitters near my eyes too.

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