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The Urban Decay Electric Palette is the newest palette to join the Urban Decay family. This ten shade pressed pigment palette is part of their Summer 2014 lineup and it is permanent to the line. The Electric Palette retails for $49.00 and contains .40 OZ of pressed pigments.

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Urban Decay really went back to their pre-Naked days with their Electric Palette. This will not be an everyday palette for everyone. The ten pressed pigments included in the Electric Palette are bright and intensely pigmented. The shades included in the Electric palette are all new (in my opinion)with two shades existing in an eye shadow form: Revolt and Chaos. These pigments can be incorporated into an everyday neutral look by using the brightly colored pigments as liner to bring out the color in your eyes OR you can add some color to your everyday shadow look to kick it up some.

I’ve touched on this already but most of the pressed pigments in the Electric Palette are intensely pigmented. The one exception would be Revolt, which suffers in the pigment department and to me is more of a glittery overlay.  Again with the exception of Revolt, I got an insane amount of wear time minus primer for the rest of the shades in the palette. I was able to get about six hours of wear time crease free with some major fading around the eighth hour.  Nine out of the ten (Revolt!) were easy to apply and blend out. The Electric Palette contains a nice mix of finishes with mattes, frosts and glitters.

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Swatches from LtR: Revolt, Gonzo and Slowburn

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LtR: Savage, Fringe and Chaos

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LtoR: Jilted, Urban and Freak

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Urban Decay also included a double sided brush in the Electric Palette, which is actually useable but I find Urban Decay always does their in palette brushes well. I really love the colorful packaging. The palette is constructed of a lightweight plastic which is a welcome change. This palette is light and compact enough to travel with making this a companion to your neutral shadow palettes.

The pressed pigments in Urban Decay’s Electric Palette can be worn in various ways: on the lips, as blush, to temporarily color your hair, to create your own color cosmetics. The possibilities for this product are endless and can offer the adventurous makeup fan hours of creative, fun makeup playtime.

As much as I enjoy Urban Decay’s Electric Palette there are some major drawbacks to it. The first big one for me is the staining. This is NOT an eye shadow palette, the Electric Palette is composed of pressed pigments. There is indeed a difference. If you are not careful with these they can stain your skin, hair and porous surfaces (sinks, countertops, etc.). When wearing the pressed pigments on your eyes I highly suggest a good primer/base to act as a barrier between your skin and the pigment. When using the pigments to color your hair, to create your own color cosmetics, etc. I suggest using an old, dirty towel as a barrier.

I have Electric and Naked Basics on my eyes. I also used Slowburn and Savage mixed with clear gloss on my lips and mixed with powder for blush on my cheeks.

I have Electric and Naked Basics on my eyes. I also used Slowburn and Savage mixed with clear gloss on my lips and mixed with powder for blush on my cheeks.

The shades: Savage, Slowburn, Jilted and Urban are not suggested for use around the eye area. In the US the FDA has not approved the use of neon pigments for the immediate eye area. If you have a sensitivity to red/pink pigments then Electric is not the palette for you. These shades can be worn on the eyes at your own discretion. I tested all ten shades on my eyes with no issues.  Still, the fact that four out of the ten shades included in the palette cannot be “officially” sanctioned for use around the eye is disturbing for a general market beauty product. As a makeup artist I have access to many different types of products that the general market consumer cannot easily get a hold of, and Urban Decay’s Electric Palette has that feel about it to me. It is pretty to look at but is the Electric Palette practical? In my opinion, no.

The decision to purchase Urban Decay’s Electric Palette will be a personal one. If you’re a collector or comfortable wearing bright colors, then this is your palette! If you’re looking for something ultra-wearable and work appropriate, then pass on Electric and grab some Nakeds.


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  1. It’s a good thing you posted this review. I seriously thought this palate was eye shadows, but your thorough review really broke it down.


  2. Jessica T says:

    This is one of those palettes I just love to look at but don’t know how much use I’d actually get out of it. Thanks for going through the way it is intended to be used, makes it more likely I would purchase. I think a lot of people would be confused and just assumed it’s eyeshadows, especially with Urban Decay. Kind of perplexing!

  3. I appreciate the honest review. It seems like nobody wanted to admit it wasn’t an eyeshadow palette.

  4. I had no idea it wasn’t just for eyes! o.O

  5. I really like that you not only talked about this not being an eye shadow palette, but that you demonstrated other ways to wear it. I LOVE what you did with Savage and Slowburn for your lips, and all the suggested ways you might use it. I purchased this to be an eye palette, but you’re inspiring me to try to make a lippie! Thanks!

  6. I like that you brought up what this really is and that some of these colors are for FUN not for everyone. I love the intensity and variety of the shades :)

  7. Great post. I love this palette but totally agree the shades are not for everyone or everyday. The pigment on them is quite great since they are pure pigment and color. I can definitely see this being picked up more for random things in the future. Great post!! And thank you for pointing out that they stain!!!!! OMG I have a few spots of hot pink on my counter top that I have been trying to get up. Reminds me of MAC’s Chromocakes and their pigment staining ways.

  8. I just got this palette as a birthday gift and love it, but I love bright colors. I did see on the palette that specific colors weren’t for eye use, and that it states “Pressed Pigment Palette” and being that I use MAC Pigments all the time for YEARS, I knew it was an all around palette, not specifically an eye palette! Glad you pointed it out for others though, because it has been getting passed off specifically as an eye shadow palette

  9. Mine should be here any day…I can’t wait to try it out! The colors are absolutely stunning!

  10. Awesome ways to use it as more than an eyeshadow palette! Thanks, doll!

  11. I want this! I thought I had enough bright colors but who am I kidding, I can never have too much makeup!

  12. I love this palette but I hate the 4 shades that stain.

  13. These look so vibrant! I would definitely use these in an eyeshadow/nail art mani.

  14. I find these shades very inspiring!

  15. Beautiful palette, just too bright for me.

  16. Thank you so much for doing this. I have been reading that it is more than just eyeshadow and while I still would like to add it to my collection, I still can’t see myself picking it up because I know I will not use it 😉

  17. Love all the vibrant colors in this palette!

  18. I’m definitely not a bold shadow wearer (other than for post purposes and the occasional whim) but I cannot pass this one up!

  19. I love these shades even though I wouldn’t wear it myself. I would love to just swatch it all over my arm though! 😀

  20. I’m not the one to wear bright eyeshadows, and this is a past palette for me. However it’s such a bummer how it stains.

  21. I love how you made the lippie! Looks great. I love the look of this palette, but the staining is a problem for me.

  22. I so want to try this but then again I have way too many underused palettes so I am passing. Great info on pressed pigments vs. eyeshadow

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