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L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara is one of their newest mascara offerings here in the United States. It contains .27 Fl Oz of product and it retails for around $7.00.  Originally available elsewhere in three shades: Black, Violet and Turquoise, I was only able to find Black. Miss Manga is seeing a limited release run right now (it is not even on the L’Oreal USA website) but it should be widely available by Summer 2014. I am not sure if we will be seeing the Violet or Turquoise shades.


I found Miss Manga at my local Bed. Bath and Beyond. Did you know that some of them sell makeup? Odd, but whatevs! She was chilling like a villain, dangling in front of the L’Oreal shelves. They did not have an official display for the line which is why I cannot confirm if the other two shades are coming, all they had was Black. The packaging claims:

  1. 15X lash volume in a flash!
  2. Clump free, flake free and smudge free.
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Manga pandas faces!

Can we talk about the packaging for a minute? How adorable is the little manga panda character? That is what initially drew me in. I’m a sucker for cutesy packaging. The tube itself is very sleek and pretty. I adore the hot metallic pink cap, it makes this mascara easy for em to find in my makeup bag. I also like the script style of “Miss Manga”. I’m weird, I know.

Ok, so on to the ACTUAL product. I will admit I did not pay attention to much of the packaging claim because I was so distracted by the little manga panda and I am glad I didn’t because I might not have bought it. Miss Manga has a similar wand to the Maybelline’s Volum Express Mega Plush, it is hinged at one point. That was an immediate turn off for me. I did not care for the feature on the Maybellina mascara so I was SURE I was going to hate Miss Manga. Thankfully, I was wrong.  Miss Manga has it going on in two places: the brush and the formula. The brush itself is composed of fiber bristles in a conical shape. The brush makes it beyond easy to get into every crevice around your eye for even application.

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Miss Manga’s formula is FANTASTIC. It reminds me very much of Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, just with a better brush. It is on the drier side, which makes it great for ladies with sparse and/or thinner lashes (like me!) but it delivers on all of the promises. Upon initial application you might notice some very slight clumping but just work the brush through your lashes and you’ll be amazed how quickly your lashes separate and gain volume. Surprisingly I also got some length out of this mascara as well. My lashes have a natural curve, so I cannot attest to how well Miss Manga will hold your curl if you have stick straight lashes. They are also uneven: my left lashes are sparser than my right lashes. Miss Manga wore like a champ for well over 8 hours with no smudging or flaking and was very easy to remove.

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Miss Manga applied to the left eye. No mascara on the right. I am wearing my typical daily eye makeup. My lashes on my right eye are about double the thickness of the lashes on my left naturally.  Miss Manga evened them out nicely!

As I mentioned this previously, Miss Manga’s formula is on the drier, thick side so it probably will not work for those of you with fuller lashes, although I noticed no change on my right lashes. I suggest storing Miss Manga upright (the wand pointing down) so it won’t dry out as fast as a wetter mascara will. As of right now, this is my go to mascara for thick, dramatic lashes. Miss Manga is NOT a replacement for false lashes, but it will give you a nice, smokey, full lash. I really wish the photo did it more justice. For under $8 Miss Manga is a steal.


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  1. I love getting a full lash when I use mascara. I’ll have to check it out!

  2. This mascara sounds interesting! My lashes are thin and wimpy so that thick formula should work well.

  3. Always want to try new mascaras. When it comes to Loreal mascaras, I haven’t been disappointed.

  4. Sounds like a great drugstore find!

  5. Sounds like a good drugstore mascara

  6. I just love that packaging!

  7. I really need to try this but haven’t found it anywhere. I have always had luck with those kinds of brushes :)

  8. I’d love to see an up close pic to see the lashes!

  9. Cant wait to see the turquoise and violet versions.

  10. Sounds like an excellent mascara

  11. Haven’t seen this but I’ll look for it now–I tend to have good luck with L’Oreal mascara.

  12. Right now, I am drowning in mascaras including the L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly. The drier formula doesn’t appeal to me so much, but I like the look of the brush with the twists & turns

  13. instant lemming! lol

  14. Ohhh I want this!!

  15. I haven’t even heard of this yet. It looks so nice!

  16. This mascara has been available here in Estonia about 6 months now, but I still haven´t tried it.

  17. I like ones that are more wet!

  18. i haven’t seen this one yet, Ill look for it in store next time!

  19. May check this out! I’m a mascara junkie!

  20. maria bravo says:

    I want to try this but have not seen it anywhere and I don’t have that store in my area.

  21. I have never heard of this one, but I’ll definitely have to try!

  22. the product name is kind of hilarious, but i love it!

  23. you can definitely see the difference!

  24. I’m so intrigued by this mascara

  25. I have yet to try this mascara. I will def. need to try it out though.

  26. I just bought it and used it today, it is fabulous!

  27. Kirsty Leigh says:

    I still haven’t tried this and they’re releasing a new one!! <3


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