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LUSH Turkish Delight is part of their Shower Smoothie line. It is one of four different shower smoothies. Turkish Delight contains 7 OZ of product and retails for $34.95. According to the LUSH USA site Turkish Delight promises a decadent shower that will leave your skin soft, moisturized and fragrant.

Turkish Delight is one of LUSH’s top selling products touted to give one a “real” Turkish bath experience. It is loaded with essential oils and pure botanical essences. Turkish Delight is a vegan product according to the packaging. It is one of LUSH’s shower smoothies. Meaning Turkish Delight will both cleanse and moisturize your skin while you’re in the shower. Turkish Delight has a divine scent to it. It is not overly rosy but a very nice combo of fresh, clean soap smell and roses. The fragrance is VERY nice. I enjoyed that Turkish Delight lingered throughout the day. Unfortunately not everything is coming up roses with this product.

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The product itself is an odd hybrid: soap meets body butter meets shower wash. The “intended” use for Turkish Delight is to take your fingers, a large amount of product and then apply it directly to your skin, let it sit for a minute and then rinse off. The big problem with this method is that a lot of the product will fall off and be wasted in the shower. I also tried it pre-shower and while I wasted less product to falling off and running water, I had to use more of it to cover my body. I was also told over and over by the LUSH Sales Associate that I would not need to apply any body lotion after showering with Turkish Delight. My legs and arms were SO itchy after using this product that I had to apply lotion repeatedly just to calm them down. While the rest of my body liked the Turkish Delight experience, my legs and arms were not a fan.

My next gripe is the price of Turkish Delight at $34.95 for 7 OZ of product. I could possibly see that price if this was an independent luxury brand on Etsy that was not a international chain but LUSH is anything but small or independent no matter how hard they try to market themselves that way. On the site you can order Turkish Delight and have it set up for delivery every 3 months. Given that it took two large scoops for me to do my entire body wet and four large scoops to do my body dry, I would be shocked if this lasts a month given I do shower daily. If I had to share this with my boyfriend, than I could see getting, maybe two weeks out of it. I don’t mind paying for luxury when the value is there but in the case of Turkish Delight the value is not there.

While I LOVE the scent of Turkish Delight, I didn’t enjoy any other aspect of the product. I literally could have used any brand of bar soap and got the same results.  There could be an ingredient(s) in Turkish Delight that I am allergic to making this product definitely not for me. At over $38 once I add in tax, LUSH Turkish Delight is an expensive beauty fail that I hope I can return. Have you tried Turkish Delight? Was your experience different than mine? Let me know in the comments below.



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  1. That’s a bummer :( Yeah, their products are quite spendy and I don’t think they should be quite that high IMO.

  2. *Cough GAG Cough* $34.95? OMG! No thank you. I’m sure there are more effective rose scented products out there. Too bad b/c you’re right. it does smell awesome. :-(

    • Yeah… I have a review coming up for another luxury soap too. I don’t know what I was thinking a few weeks ago with all the luxury bath items… I must have just been on a kick… =)

  3. love your honest and detailed opinion about this product. Too bad it didn’t work out…that’s a lot of dough for something that didn’t work for you. :) Hopefully, they’ll be able to accept your return. xo

  4. Love love love your honesty. That is a bit pricey for a soap. But it sounds like splurge worthy product for a pamper weekend.

    • Yup, most definitely. And thank you. My goal is to always be honest and offer some constructive criticism where I can. Not much I can do about the formula and my skin but the price can be a huge deterrent.

  5. That’s a lot of money! It sucks it didn’t work for you. I’ve read so many mixed things about this one. I prob will not pick it up.

  6. I have never tried this one before!

  7. Haven’t tried any of their bath smoothies!

  8. I literally salivated when I read “turkish delight” and saw the pic.

  9. Sounds like one to skip :(

  10. This sounds heavenly.

  11. I haven’t tried anything from them yet, but I’m glad to read a negative review once in a while – I’m wary of perfection! lol. Some things just aren’t going to work for some people. And that price is kinda ridiculous, IMHO.

    • Yeah the price is nuts. I’m all for luxury but c’mon! And even though Turkish Delight did not work for me, I wouldn’t be surprised that it works for others. Body products, much like cosmetics, react differently on everyone. I would suggest anyone interested in trying this to get a sample first.

  12. I love LUSH, but this is actually a scent I wasn’t fond of :/

  13. Awww I wish it had worked for you!

  14. Try Ro’s Argan conditioner next time–I love how my skin feels after–hydrated and silky. Don’t remember the price, but I’m pretty sure it was less.

  15. I guess the price is a little steep but I do love the sound of this one. I think I’d like to try it.

  16. I like LUSH but agree, a lot of their products seem overpriced.

  17. Too bad it did not work for you.

  18. I have always wanted to try this one! Thanks for the review!

  19. Believe it or not, I haven’t tried a single thing from Lush. I feel nauseated every time I pass by the one and only store here in Honolulu. The scents of different products housed in a tiny space are too much for me.

    • It can be very over powering, especially when the store is smaller. I haven’t been inside of lush prior to this experience in close to ten years. I forgot how overwhelming it can be to my sense of smell.

  20. Oh boy, sorry it’s a fail. Too pricey for sure!

  21. so expensive! it sounds lovely, though

  22. I wonder why this one is so expensive. Sounds nice but I will never shell out over 10 bucks for a cleanser.

  23. I like the idea it is a vegan product but the price for something that mostly washes down the drain is a bit too much.

  24. wowzers… that is pretty costly.

  25. i need to make a lush order its been to long but probably would skip this one due to the cost.

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