Ipsy August 2014 Glam Bag

ipsy august 2014 bag

The best thing about a month long vacay? Coming home to TWO Ipsy Glam Bags! I got July’s Glam Bag super late thanks  to a billing snafu on my end. In short I liked my July bag, I was not “OMG THIS IS THE BOMB” crazy about it but I found it decent. Since it’s pretty much old news in the world of Ipsy I am going to concentrate on the Ipsy August 2014 Glam Bag which is themed “Beauty Schooled”.  Here’s what I got:


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Ipsy August 2014 Beauty Schooled Contents

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara – I think I am just about over Urban Decay, which might be why I’m a little indifferent about this sample of their new Perversion mascara. Maybe it’s the fleecing of their Naked line. Maybe it’s the lackluster releases. I don’t think I’ve read a single review of Urban Decay’s Perversion where I actually wanted to try it based on the results no matter WHAT the blogger/reviewer claimed.

Coastal Scents Forever Blush Mini Duo – Seriously? The size of this product is SO small I would have to use my fingers to apply this blush. I could understand if this were a NARS sample but it’s Coastal Scents?!?! C’mon Coastal Scents quit being so cheap and drop a full sized item in the bag. The peach is very pretty and the pink shade is just a tad too glittery for my taste (as a blush).  I could probably use this duo as an eyeshadow.

You’re the Balm Green Apple Lip Balm – Love a good lip balm. I dislike that this is in a tin and requires me to use my fingers. It also does not smell/look like green apple but the packaging is really cute and it does keep my lips kissably soft.

Dr. Brandt Pores No More – I’ve repeatedly asked for “no more Dr. Brandt” stuff in my bag and yet this found its way into my cheaply made Ipsy August 2014 Glam Bag. I’m a little “meh” about it.

Lord & Berry Mini Kajal Kohl-Liner – Is this a joke? This is such a SMALL sample size that I could barely line my eyes with it. Add to the very poor performance (this needs to be set with shadow) and this item was a HUGE dud for me.

I have to say that I am a little underwhelmed by the Ipsy August 2014 Glam Bag. Ipsy has spoiled me over the past few months! I’m not excited about the Urban Decay Perversion Mascara as I have been disappointed in most of their recent releases, the Lord & Berry eyeliner is so small I thought it was a joke.  The same with the Coastal Scents offering. Even the bag itself is rather cheap looking this month. The only item I am remotely “excited” about is the and that’s because I’m a lip balm whore. So beyond NOT impressed with my Ipsy August 2014 Glam Bag. Was your bag better? Let me know in the comments section below!


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  1. I’m meh about ipsy, sample society and birchbox this month. I guess no one gives you stellar products in August!

  2. I am a Dr Brand Pores No More fan, I use it a lot on my grooming pro work for men, it works really well for video/ print situations and generally for very oily skin types.
    Cant believe the sizes of those, yikes I’d want at least ONE full size? Right?

    • Yeah the sizes were laughable this month. The eyeliner was the size of a perfume sample… The Pores No More is going in my kit. I don’t need it personally but it might come in handy on set or on a bride.

  3. I was meh about this month’s bag, also. I love the UD Perversion mascara but the rest… Whatever. That bag… No. Ipsy needs to pull their heads out of their asses, soon.

  4. I was feeling ‘MEH’ about ipsy also, so I cancelled. I’m glad I didn’t get this month lol. :)

  5. I think the bag is cute. I LOVE the perversion mascara. It’s my fav right now.

  6. Jess Scull says:

    I feel like this bag could have been better :( I hope they step up their game next month!

  7. This months bag SUCKED!!! We got totally different things but seriously Ipsy was great for a few months now- not so much. I am loving my Allure Sample Society box though. Ipsy better step up their game ASAP before its cancellation road! lol…

  8. I got the lip gloss and like it :)

  9. I was disappointed with this month’s bag too. The eyeliner was a nub!

  10. I have the full size of that blush and it rocks!

  11. What a bummer bag! I would have been excited about the new mascara though!

    • You know I’ve seen a few bloggers/vloggers review it unfavorably BUT I tried it in a pinch last night and I rather enjoyed it. I MIGHT buy the full size and review it. Feel like an ass because I sort of bashed it but I’m a woman and therefore allowed to change my mind. =)

  12. I kinda like this bag!

  13. Every month, I sing the praises of Ipsy, but they are starting to fall off their game. Fewer full-sized items, and samples like the Lord & Berry nubbin are laughable.

  14. More than the products that actually suck, I enjoy reading your commentary. I like your witty sarcasm, that’s my kind of girl, haha!

  15. I’m kind of over Ipsy. This is the 7th month this year that I received my bag in the following month… I just got my July bag last week. It’s so frustrating/

  16. I got the same and was not impressed at all.

  17. I hate lip balm that are in tins or small jars and and require me to use my fingers.

  18. I “lol’ed” at “Cheaply Made Ipsy Bag”

  19. I love the bag but prefer last months samples.

  20. We got the exact same bag! Little bummed as well :(

  21. I was underwhelmed with my Ipsy bag too, but at least I got to try Perversion mascara, which I loved.

  22. Wow, I got my July & August bags within the same week because of a mailing error. I wasn’t very happy with the July bag but I’m excited that I got the UD mascara for August!

  23. It’s a shame you didn’t like your goods. Lord & Berry make amazing products and I love their liners.

  24. sounds like it was just an okay month then. Bummer

  25. I was looking for your September review, and I found your August one instead. My August bag came so late and coupled with the Beauty Schooled name, I misreviewed it as September! I got the same items as you, but I actually really liked the bag. I liked the little Lord & Berry pencil so easy to throw in my cosmetic bag in my purse and I love using it to tightline. I also love the Coastal Scents blush samples. In fact, I use the peach one all the time. I’m OK with the mini-sample coz I have so many blushes. The only thing I don’t use is the Dr. Brandt ‘coz I have dry skin, so I’ll save it for a giveaway on my blog!

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