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The LORAC Pro 2 palette is new to their line for Fall 2014. This palette is a permanent addition to their full line. It contains sixteen shades (eight matte and eight shimmer) and a deluxe sample sized of their Behind the Scenes Eye Primer. The total weight of the LORAC Pro 2 palette is .32 OZ and it retails for $42. This is available at LORAC retailers/counter nationwide and online.

LORAC took the formula behind their original Pro palette (which is a HIT!), improved upon it some, swapped the tone of the palette (Pro 2 is substantially cooler) and came up with a palette that is really better than the original (IMHO) and that is usually a very hard feat to pull off.

LORAC Pro 2 ebblogashley

Courtesy of LORAC – Love when makeup is used as art!

I have very little to complain about the LORAC Pro 2 palette! This palette is hands down one of my favorites EVER. The pigmentation and all sixteen shades is just stunning. The LORAC Pro 2 is one of just a handful of palettes I own where all shades are just perfect. Each shade is soft, blend able and applies beautifully. No insane glitter bombs like the original Pro. The shadows in the Pro 2 also seem less powdery, so they are not as messy as the original. The wear time of the shadows in the LORAC Pro 2 palette is phenomenal: with primer I got a good twelve hours with no fading/migrating before I took the shadows off for bed.

The LORAC Pro 2 palette also comes with a deluxe sample sized version of their Behind the Scenes Eye Primer. This is a very creamy primer that looks tinted (flesh tone) but it is translucent when applied. LORAC’s eyeshadow primer reminds of the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. It’s a nice addition to the palette.

My one complaint is similar to one issue I have with the original Pro palette. I don’t care for the packaging much. The LORAC Pro 2 palette is packaged in a rubberized grey cardboard package which is easier to keep clean than the original but I have the same concerns when it comes to travel: I’m afraid it might break.

Enough about the one minus. Let us just swoon over the fabulousness that the LORAC Pro 2 Palette is:

ebblog lorac pro 2 palette review

L to R: Buff, Lt. Brown, Cool Grey and Nectar

ebblog lorac pro 2 review

L to R: Plum, Navy, Charcoal and Black.

ebblog lorac pro 2 review

L to R: Snow, Beige, Rose and Mocha.

ebb log review LORAC pro 2 palette

L to R: Cnrome, Silver, Jade and Cocoa

This my dear readers is a MUST have, especially with the fall and winter approaching! And while it differs in overall tonie from the original Pro palette they do play very, very well together. The LORAC Pro 2 Palette is THE BUSINESS! Rush out to your local LORAC counter and grab this before it becomes as scarce as it’s older, warmer sister.


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  1. Beautiful palette. Every time I see it, I want it more.

  2. I need this palette in my life!

  3. This is a beautiful palette ! I got my in the mail not to long ago & I have fallen in love I have no idea why it took me so long to get into their series.

  4. I want this!!

  5. Jess Scull says:

    These shades are SO SO pretty!

  6. Nice swatches!

  7. Beautiful palette! I wish someone would gift it to me, lol

  8. I definitely prefer this palette’s color selection over the original

  9. I love the navy in this palette.

  10. I definitely need to grab this, loving the shades!

  11. Love this palette, better than the first even!

  12. Swooning! And I totally want it!

  13. I own and love this palette!

  14. oh yay! You got it! I love this palette.

  15. Those eyeshadows are so pigmented!

  16. I own this palette, and it really is versatile and gorgeous!

  17. I NEED this palette! great review!

  18. This is one of my fave Fall palettes!

  19. Gorgeous swatches and fab review. I’m convinced that I need this palette!

  20. They look beautiful but I don’t even have the first one yet. Should I bother getting them if I have all 3 NAKED palettes?

    • Kimmi – If you have all three Nakeds I would skip the original if I had to choose between the two Pros. The Pro 2 is definitely more colorful and not neutrals, leaning toward jewel tones. Out of the two it is the harder to dupe and it compliments other palettes very well. It does lean slightly cool though, if that’s an issue!

  21. I’m glad I skipped this after seeing the mega palette that’s coming out.

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