Wet N Wild Fall 2014 Melrose 5 Pan Palettes

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Wet N Wild Fall 2014 Collection should be in your local drugstores/KMart by now. There are two separate displays: nail/lipsticks (six matte nail polishes and four Megalast Matte Lipsticks) and eyeshadow/mascaras (four new five pan Color Icon shadow palettes and Mega Impact Extreme Black Mascara).  For this purpose of this review I am going to be focusing on two of the four limited edition five pan Color Icon palettes: Smoke and Melrose and Melrose at Night. Each palette contains .21 0z of product and they retail for $3.99 each.

ebblog melrose at night

Melrose at Night

ebblog smoke and melrose

Smoke and Melrose

I think it’s safe to say that if it’s neutral eyeshadows in palette form I will more than likely buy it, especially when they are below $5.00. I’ll be honest, I’ve read some not so stellar reviews about the Color Icon five pan palettes, so I really have avoided them. These two however were so beyond hard to avoid. Smoke and Melrose is the warmer toned bronzy neutral palette,  while Melrose at Night leans slightly cooler and definitely in the brown/taupe family. Both palettes contain a mix of satin and shimmer finish shadows and no true matte shades. >sniffle<

ebblog melrose at night swatches

Melrose at Night L to R: Browbone, Base, Definer, Eyelid, and Crease

ebb log smoke and melrose swatches

Smoke and Melrose L to R: Browbone, Base, Definer, Eyelid and Crease

Between Smoke and Melrose and Melrose at Night, Smoke and Melrose is the clear winner. All of the shadows included in Smoke and Melrose are soft, easy to blend, very pigmented and wore for eight hours plus over primer. Four of the shadows included in the Melrose at Night palette proved to be in the same category as the shadows in Smoke and Melrose. The dud in Melrose at Night is the crease shade. It’s truly awful but over a primer it’s really not bad. That being said if I had to suggest one of the two I would pick Melrose at Night and I’ll tell you why: the brow bone shade is the prettiest shadow ever! This Taupey purple is the best shade between the two palettes. It applies beautifully and it is a pretty unique shade as it is a taupe but it comes off almost light purple. Loving the brow bone shade in the Melrose at Nigh palette. If purples are NOT your thing than Smoke and Melrose is your best bet.

I also want to take this time to get on my makeup soapbox! Dear Wet n Wild can you PLEASE label your shadows correctly! I feel like in both palettes the Browbone and Base shades should be swapped out. Both brow bone shades are way to dark to highlight. I can see maybe using the brow bone shade in Melrose at Night on a darker skin tone but that is pushing it.

At $3.99 a piece these are an absolute drugstore STEAL! I say SKIP the Maybelline Nude Palette and hunt these limited edition treats from Wet n Wild down before they are gone! The two of them are roughly $2 cheaper and perform better than any shade in the Maybelline Nude palette. And you might be able to grab these on BOGO!


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  1. I’m going to go on the hunt for the new Fall releases of Wet ‘n Wild. Rumor is that these palettes have a lot of Naked 3 dupes in them, too!

    • Melrose at Night has similarities to Naked 2 (cooler, taupes/browns) while Smoke and Melrose is similar to Naked 1 (bronzy/warm). Neither are overly rose gold though. I might break out Naked 3 to double check now. =)

  2. I *just* Bought Smoke and Melrose. The colors are insanely gorgeous.

  3. I’m dying to find these!

  4. Its settled I need Smoke and Melrose. The hunt begins!!!

  5. Time to get my arse back into the drugstore.

  6. I’d skip these.

  7. They both look nice.

  8. I hope I can find these.

  9. I’m drooling over these! I’ve seen a lot of WnW on Instagram lately and they have some really awesome new releases.

  10. I am all about a drugstore steal! Love this!

  11. I need to grab a couple of these. I saw them at Walgreens but I was just running in and out and I had my daughter. No time to peek, ponder and purchase =(

  12. My area drugstores are the last to get the WnW collections and it is frustrating because I want all the products!

  13. I like Wet n Wild eyeshadows and these 5 pan palettes look and sound like something for me.

  14. I think I need both of these!

  15. I haven’t seen these out yet. They look like good neutral palettes

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