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Urban Decay Shadow Box is new twelve shadow palette exclusive to Ulta. The palette contains three new shades and nine preexisting shades. From what I can tell it is not limited edition. The Urban Decay Shadow Box retails for $34.00 and contains a total of .12 oz of product. You can find it in your local Ulta store or online here. I grabbed this because it reminded me of my very first Urban Decay Palette, the Ammo Palette. Was I left longing for my beloved Ammo Palette or is the new Urban Decay Shadow Box a worthy replacement.


ebblog urban decay shadow box face

Look at dem colors!!


The palette contains some of my all time favorite shadows from their line: Sin, Bordello, Smog and Mushroom so it was almost a given that I would just LOVE this palette. And while I don’t love the Urban Decay Shadow Box, I do like it. Eleven of the twelve shadows are decent. The lone bad shade is the matte black “Blackout”which suffers in the pigmentation department. While the pigmentation is present in the other element shades, what IS missing is the famed Urban Decay texture/feel. Each of the shades felt a little drier and definitely on the powdery side when compared to their full size sisters. The pigmentation is also a bit off from the full size singles. For instance Bordello usually wears very orchid/light purple but the version in the Shadow Box almost wears slightly pinky taupe. I also wished there was more variety when it came to the shadow finish. This palette has a lone mate shade (Blackout) and the other eleven shades are either frost/shimmer/glitter finish. Sometimes a combination of two finishes! I do like the departure from their “Naked” trend but seven out of the ten shades included are neutrals.


urban decay shadow box swatches 1

L to R: Sin, Indo, Bordello, Tornado, Smog and Blackout

urban Decay shadow box swatches line 2

L to R: Flash, Mushroom, Lost, Freelove, Moonshadow and Baked Cowboy.


The standout shades for me in this palette are: Sin, Baked Cowboy, Mushroom, Lost, Moonshadow, Free Love and Tornado. Urban Decay’s Shadow Box also includes three new shades: Indo, Moonshadow and Baked Cowboy. The difference in color, texture and lack of finish diversity aside the entire palette wore very well on me. I got a good ten plus hours of wear with primer before I saw any noticeable fading. I experienced less fall out then usual when applying the shadows, which shocked me since they are on the drier side. I also didn’t have any trouble applying the shadows and making them work together when wore with a primer.


urban decay shadow box ashley pena ebblog urban decay shadow box ashley pena side eye


The packaging is cute and Urban Decay’s Shadow Box is compact/sturdy enough for travel. Packaging consists of a standard thicker cardboard with a outer glossy layer. There is a magnetic closure on the lip of the flip top and a small mirror that rests on the inside of the top half of the palette. The decor is pretty: purple orchids cover the entire palette and a silver “UD” button graces the lip of the palette.

Overall the Urban Decay Shadow Box is a decent palette, it’s not the best in terms of quality or price but if you’re a diehard Urban Decay fan you’ll be satisfied with it for the new shades alone. For everyone else, the market is saturated with palettes that are at better price points and superior in quality (LORAC PRO 2!). The Urban Decay Shadow Box just does not cut it in today’s competitive palette market. Why settle for decent when there is GREAT out there in the eyeshadow palette world?


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  1. Freelove is GORGEOUS

  2. Looks like a great palette! I may have to grab it!

  3. I’m torn… I like the colors, but am disappointed that the pigmentation isn’t as good as the originals. I may look at the Vice3 palette instead.

  4. I kinda want this one too!

  5. I’d say it sounds like a good palette. The shades you’re wearing are quite neutral, but very very pretty. I hope it’s a regular product so I can take my time deciding on this vs. Vice3

  6. I saw it at Ulta a few days ago but it’s not for me

  7. Agreed! Can’t settle for decent! Your skin looks AMAZING in these photos.

  8. You look great girl. Omigosh – Phyrra talked about this palette… I swear I was screaming at the computer screen saying… Damn You Urban Decay for being so addicting! lmao

  9. Very pretty shades! Freelove looks so pretty!

  10. Those shades are gorgeous. UD palettes are totally my weakness.

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