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blackUp Cosmetics Waterproof Smoky Khol Eyeliner contains .04 oz and each pencil retails for $18.50. The collection contains ten colors ranging from everyday neutrals to bright colors. These pencils are available in various finishes and blackUp claims their Waterproof Smoky Khol Eyeliner is waterproof once it sets, they won’t tug when applying  and each shade can double as an eyeshadow. Waterproof Smoky Khol Eyeliners are available online at the blackUp website. I’m not sure if they have in store retail presence yet.

I have shades KS01 (black) and KS08 (teddy bear brown with barely there microglitter) from the blackUP Cosmetics Waterproof Smoky Khol Eyeliner. I showcased both of these colors in my recent Girls Night Out Tutorial. Both shades are phenomenal! Pigmented, creamy, ridiculously long wearing, easy to work with and relatively waterproof/smudge proof. I get an INSANE amount of wear time with these. Like the 24 hour range and the color did not fade much at all. KS01 is matte deep black. I don’t have a liner as black and long lasting as this one. KS08 is your typical teddy bear brown shade but it’s intensely pigmented and long wearing, setting it apart from the MANY other shades of brown eyeliner I have.


swatch black|Up smoky khol waterproof pencil

L to R: KS01 and KS08


Comparisons in the makeup world are inevitable. I’m sure you’re asking: How do these pencils compare to the Urban Decay pencils? The Waterproof Smoky Khol Eyeliner are the same size as my much loved Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eyeliners and priced a little bit lower ($20 for UD vs $18.50 for blackUp) but where it really counts is quality. Which is better? Hands down, blackUp’s Waterproof Smoky Khol Eyeliner wins. I’m a DIEHARD UD eyeliner pencil fan but even I can admit when it’s beat and the Waterproof Smoky Khol Eyeliner from blackUP in KS01 and KS08 are easily better than its fan fave competition in comparable shades (Perversion and the plethora of browns in the UD line) in every sense: wear time, lasting power, price, color payoff and ease of application.

Are the Waterproof Smoky Khol Eyeliner holy grail for me yet? No, I need to try more from the line to make sure the quality is line wide and not hit or miss. For now I am very pleased with these two very everyday appropriate colors. To score your own blackUP Waterproof Smoky Khol Eyeliner AND a 20% off discount use code LOVE15 at check out. What is your favorite pencil eyeliner? Let me now in the comments section below.

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  1. These two liners look incredible. That’s the blackest richest black, and I love the brown shade too. If you apply it to your upper waterline, does it come off on the lower one? That’s my main problem with UD liners.

  2. The hearts drawn in eyeliner made me smile. :) I’m also on the lookout for the holy grail eyeliner but I’m beginning to think it’s a unicorn…as in…it doesn’t exist!

  3. I´ve heard so many great things about blackUP products. I have to try that black eyeliner. Great swatches!

  4. Better than UD?! Okay, you got me, I need to try this!

  5. Better than UD? I definitely need to find this in store!

  6. UD was the longest lasting eyeliner I tried until a friend introduced me to the Marc Jacobs Highliner. The MJ Highliner is my new favorite thus far. Have you tried them? I would love to hear your experience comparing the MJ Highliner to the blackUp liners. I have very oily, hooded Asian lids, so no eyeliner has ever managed to last a whole day without smudging, and this is with the Nars eye primer which is the best primer I have tried (also tried Lorac and UD’s Potion). The MJ Highliner has come the closest to lasting 8 hours with just a little bit of smudging. Thanks for the review! :)

  7. This sounds so great…I love my black liner! I’ll have to check this out!

  8. That black liner is awesome. I love how rich it looks.

  9. These look awesome and I’ve heard a lot of good things about this brand. I really want to try these.

  10. These look like great liners!

  11. I loved their waterproof eyeliner, I have a habit or rubbing my right eye and it stayed!

  12. I think those liners look pretty darn amazing!

  13. I have the kohl eyeliner in black and while it’s very creamy, it does smudge after few hours.

    • Hmmm… Mine has not. I actually have a rough time removing it, especially from my lower lash line. It could be the difference in environment too. I wonder how this will perform in the summer for me. But I have inset, hooded lids and they are oily and it did not budge on me at all.

  14. I looove creamy eyeliners for smokey eyes!

  15. That black liner looks really intense! Curious if you’ll like the rest as well :).

  16. I only use waterproof liners, and that brown is just perfection!

  17. Loving the look of that brow especially!

  18. I really like the shade of the brown… but I wouldn’t be able to get away with these… my eyes are so watery.

  19. The closest I’ve come to HG is the NARS gel liner. I have watery eyes, and very little sticks to the corners of my eyes, though.

  20. I’m always looking for a good black liner. That looks like a nice, rich black!


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