Stila Set & Illuminate Baked Powder Trio The Correctors

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Stila Set & Illuminate Baked Powder Trio The Correctors contains and retails for $34.00. This was part of their new Set & Illuminate line of baked trios for Summer 2012. There were three compacts included in this release: Corrector, Bronzer and Illuminator. All three products are still available at Stila counters and online. I’ve tried all three but today I am reviewing The Correctors.

I have to say that I am head over heels in love with Stila Set & Illuminate Baked Powder Trio The Correctors! The concept behind this compact is really cool (OMG a gimmicky beauty product that works!). The baked palette contains lavender, green and peach shades that you shave by turning the plastic dial and then combine when you pick up the powder with your brush. This makes carrying around the product a breeze because you don’t have to worry about a messy powder. The trio blends well together to set my make up and provide some minor color correcting. I’ve worn this on top of my foundation for flawless all day wear and I’ve also set it on top of my BB/CC creams for a very pretty, naturally gorgeous look. For a baked powder it’s very silky smooth. It blends into your skin effortlessly, looking natural and never ashy. The Correctors trio hides pores like NOTHING else I’ve tried before. My pores just disappear! The Stila Set & Illuminate Baked Powder Trio The Correctors is a matte formula so no tacky shimmah shimmah here chic as making this perfect for those with aging skin.

For those of you not familiar with color theory and how it works with cosmetics here’s a breakdown of what each color in the compact does:

  • Peach – brightens and illuminates
  • Green – minimizes redness
  • Lavender – counteracts sallow undertones

Nothing is perfect and I do have some gripes about this product. The size and weight of the compact can make it a bit of a pain to carry around in a smaller purse. It doesn’t come with it’s own powder puff either so be prepared to carry around a brush/puff with you. I’m not too crazy about the price either as I tend to go through this fairly quickly with daily use and I replace this about ever 2-3 months.

I’ve been using the Stila Set & Illuminate Baked Powder Trio The Correctors for over two years now and when all is said and done highly recommend the Stila Set & Illuminate Baked Powder Trio in The Correctors (aka Set & Correct) to anyone looking for a universal setting powder with color correcting properties. This product will provide some color correcting issues, hide pores and set your make up for perfect finish. What’s really not to love?


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