Old Factory Candles + Big News!

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old factory hand poured soy candles ebblogHola! Recently I had the opportunity to partner with Old Factory Candle and sample one of their three 2 oz. candle gift sets. These candles came at one of the most perfect, stressful, happy, etc times in my life. I’ll touch more on this later. Each candle in this set is natural soy and hand poured in the USA. According to the packaging each “2 oz. size will burn clean and true-to-scent for 20 hours”.

Now, I loooooove me some great candles that not only burn clean (nothing bugs me like smokey candles) and smells good. Often times I find that a candle will smell good in the jar and not give off a good throw.  I am happy to say that is not the case with the 2 oz. Old Factory Candles in the scents I was sent (say that five times fast!). All of the claims that Old Factory has made I found to be true. The 2 oz. candles will fill a a small to medium size room well. I found that each candle worked well alone and they complimented each other well when burnt together. I also noticed that the wax wells up perfectly. I haven’t tested the 20 hour burn time yet but that’s because I’m not one to leave candles lit endlessly. I’m nervous about fire like that.

old factory hand poured soy clean candles ebblog

The packaging is very simple but it works with the idea of a no frills, old time feeling, overall great product. Each set is packaged in a a “theme” so that you can burn each one together to fill a larger room or smaller home.  I like that each candle is white so it will fit with any decor in a room. Each candle comes with a lid which makes burnout and storage a breeze. The Old Factory Candle Gift Set is a perfect gift to give for any occasion.

old factory candles new born baby

And I really do mean for every occasion. I chose the set in “New Born Baby“.  The set includes Baby Powder, Baby Shampoo and First Blanket. Each one smells true to their name and I love each of them but First Blanket is by far my favorite. And can I just say that this set of candles is the PERFECT gift for a new mommy to be. They will make perfect additions to our nursery… Yes, we’re pregnant!!! I am currently sixteen weeks (today!!!) pregnant with twins. We are both over the moon, happy, excited and nervous. We won’t find out the sexes of the babies until January but we both agree we’re just happy to be blessed with two. My pregnancy is a huge part of why I have been MIA when it comes to blogging. I’ve really been focused on myself and keeping the three of us happy, healthy and safe.

old factory big news ebblog

Old Factory Candles can be found here on Amazon. These are the perfect anytime gift for anyone. I mean who doesn’t love candles? And Old Factory Candles are the real deal! Do you have a favorite Old Factory Candle scent? Leave the name in the comments section below.


*Brought to you by Brand Backer. All opinions are 100% my own. For more information on my Review and Disclosure policies please visit here. *


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My Beauty Stockpile

ebblog beauty stockpile

My name is Ashley and I am addicted to all things beauty. There I said it! I will wholeheartedly admit that I spend WAAAAAY too much money on beauty products. My boyfriend bites his tongue a lot because there is makeup, brushes, hot tools, hair products, etc in almost EVERY room of our house at any given time. My beauty stockpile is insane! The good news is I don’t horde just one product from one company. I’m curious… I love to try things out. My weakness as of late? Dry Shampoo and mascaras. I can go to Ulta and grab 3-4 different cans of dry shampoo (even though I do have a fave!) and grab 3-4 different mascaras. Sure you’ll find a ton of eyeshadow palettes, lippies, eyeliners, shampoos, deep conditioners but if you ask me I’ll tell you I don’t have a problem and here’s why.

ebblog beauty stockpile

Just two bins from my two 9 bin cabinets. This not counting the beauty products I have around the house, in closets etc. P.S. I messed them up to look stockpilish but I organize them by years released and brand.

I stockpile dry shampoos for a reason: while I have a fave I always feel like there can be better! I adore my trusty, affordable Batiste but it’s like that guy who you are dating that you’re just not 100% sure you’re ready to dump the other guys you have on the side for JUST him.  Currently I have an entire can from Suave, three cans of my Batiste Brunette Dry Shampoo and I literally just cleaned out under my bathroom cabinet and tossed out five cans from different brands that I did not care for. I’m sure if I raid my beauty cabinet I’ll find more.

ebblog beauty stockpile

Goodies from Besame Cosmetics and Covergirl in my “To Be Reviewed Bin 1”

Let’s move on to mascara. I have a problem with mascaras: I get bored with them easily. Now don’t get me wrong I have some faves like L’Oreal’s Miss Manga Mascara, Too Faced Better Than Sex, Covergirl Clump Crusher, Buxom’s Lash Mascara. There’s always some brand new mascara that promises you the world and I am such a sucker for marketing that I will buy it 99.9% of the time.

ebblog beauty stockpile

I spy Urban Decay’s I Heart NYC Book of Shadows! Eyeshadow Palette bin 1 of 3. =)

Just as I was getting ready to wrap this post up Ozzy  (my boyfriend!) peeked in and said, “What about all the eyeshadow palettes?”. Whatever! Yes, I do have a TON of eyeshadow palettes and that is AFTER my semi annual purge. I can’t help it… They are shiny and pretty… I must have them all!!! But all jokes aside, palettes are fun to review and often a beauty bargain especially from higher end brands. I fall in and out of love with them all the time.

Sometimes your girl just can’t help herself. I have issues and I admit it! The absolute BEST thing about having a beauty stockpile? Shopping your stash! So much fun, especially when you can’t spend money. How about you my dear readers? Do you have a beauty stockpile? If so, what do you stockpile in your beauty stash?


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June 2014 Favorites

June 2014 Favorites everyday beauty blog

June 2014 Favorites time! I cannot believe that year is now OFFICIALLY half way over… Christmas will be here soon and I have an insane plan decor wise this year: a decorated, lit tree in EVERY room of my house (and there are ALOT!). I nabbed trees last year after Christmas during clearance blowouts (I even got a pretty 6 foot pre-lit for $2 no lie!). Yikes! I so got off the topic with the Christmas talk. Let’s not mention the “C” word until October ok? It’s SUMMER time in my city and my favorites for June changed slightly with my makeup/beauty habits for the summer. I am still digging EVERYTHING (eating some Spanish Olives right now) in my May 2014 Favorites, which you can find here. Well, I have moved on from my Too Faced Melted Peony and replaced it with TWO new faves. For June 2014 I will list my new faves instead of rehashing some of my old favorites.

ebblog June 2014 Favorites

L to R: Fusion of Color Sass Lipgloss in Pretty in Pink and bare Minerals Loud & Clear Lip Sheer in Magenta Vibe

Toni & Guy Curling Iron – I LOVE beachy waves in the summer and my Toni & Guy curling iron helps me achieve my perfect wave. Now I don’t use the clip, I actually wrap my hair around the barrel and it works better than my $250 Amika curling system (>sobs<). I highly recommend grabbing one at your local Target.

Fusion of Color Cosmetics Sass Lipgloss in Pretty in Pink – Holy grail gloss reviewed here and I wear it ALL the time. Pretty in Pink is my perfect shade of creamy peachy-pink that goes with just about everything. It’s hydrating and doesn’t budge which I love. Pretty in Pink is also not sticky, it has a very nice slip and decent wear time. This is my current and only lipgloss in my purse. bare

Minerals Loud & Clear Lip Sheer in Magenta Vibe – Even though I just reviewed this here, I’ve had it for quite a while now and this has been my go to lippie when I am craving that subtle pop of color. Magenta Vibe provides great moisture for my parched lips and it’s easy to apply on the go. I do have to be careful with this in the summer sun as it will melt, but as for now this is my go to shade for a sublte summer pop. If I am not wearing Fusion of Color Pretty in Pink I am wearing this.

ebblog june 2014 favorites

My preciouses….. =)

Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAB Tote – Ugh, I so did NOT need to get the “desginer” handbag bug. Now I am a long waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off from from LVs and Balenciagas but Rebcca Minkof can be quite pricey in its own right. I got this bag directly from Rebecca Minkoff’s website over Memorial Day weekend. It was already on sale plus I had a coupon for 20% off so I paid around $74 plus shipping for this bag. And I want another… A larger one! But this bag is just beyond cute, colorful and PERFECT for the summer. Curse you Rebecca Minkoff for making HOT handbags!

Apple IPad Mini Retina Display – I didn’t think I would like the mini and guess what? I like it better than my boyfriend’s full size IPad. I have been attached to my IPad Mini, it might as well be sewn to my hand. I don’t think I would be able to live without it. I even blinged it out AND bought matching cases for my Iphone and IPad Mini. I’m crazy, I know.

What were your faves for June 2014? Do you have big plans for the Fourth of July? Have a great and safe weekend!


Popsugar June 2014 Must Haves Box

 POPSUGAR provided me with a complimentary POPSUGAR Must Have box. The opinions I have shared about the box are my own and POPSUGAR did not tell me what to say or how to say it.

ebblog surprise box popsugar must haves june 2014

If you’re not familiar with Popsugar’s Monthly Must Haves Box, it is a box loaded with full sized and premium products. Now you’re not only going to get beauty items but lifestyle, food and home items. It’s really a well rounded box with a great selection of items from a variety of different types of products. It retails for $39.95 a month but the contents of the box are often double to triple the value.

I was SO beyond excited when I was notified I’d be receiving the Popsugar Must Haves Box for June 2014. I’m leaving for a two week trip to Mexico in a month. We are planning on going to our town and also spending a few days in Puerto Vallarta. I am beyond excited. When I found out that the theme behind the Popsugar June 2014 Must Haves Box is Summer.  I was eagerly anticipating some great items to take with me on vacation. And this box did NOT disappoint!

ebblog pmhb june 2014

Emily Griffin’s The One & Only – $28 – This is coming with me on the plane, along with several months worth of Allure and Instyle. I cannot wait to get into this book. It’s been years since I read an entire novel.

ebblog pmhb june 2014

One Potato Two Potato Hawaiian BBQ Flavored Kettle Chips – $2 – These are gone BTW. I thought they were so beyond yummy. These were not your typical bbq chips. They were a little on the spicy side. I loved them!

ebblog pmhb june 2014 routine

More than just a towel!

Turkish T Beach Towel – $32 – I love this! I can wear this as a scarf, a sarong or just use it as a beach towel. Loving the colors and the stripes.

ebblog pmhb june 2014 review

Sachajuan Shiny Citrus Body Lotion – $24 – I can’t describe the scent on this. It’s not the typical “citrus scent” it’s not overly fruity or citrusy. I can’t really pinpoint what this lotion smells like.  The lotion itself is light which I enjoy. It is not as moisturizing as a thicker lotion would be, but I really like it for the scent and as a lotion to use during the day.

ebblog pmhb june 2014

You Smell Lemon Wet Wipes – $6 – I am such a smitten kitten with these. I have grown to love ALMOST all things scented lemon and these wipes are no exception. Perfect for the beach or for freshening up after a long trip. Love these!

ebblog pmhb june 2014 review

Lollies Basic Hair Ties – $8 – I am a huge fan of hair bands that don’t leave really bad “dents” in my hair. If they look stylish on my wrists that’s a bonus. These hair ties are made out of the same material most bathing suits are made of, which means they will air dry faster.

ebblog pmhb june 2014 review

Special Extra: Native Union $15 Voucher – Native Union is a site that sells premium accessories for smart phones. I used my voucher to purchase a JUMP Lightning for my IPhone 5 and my IPad Mini.

If my math is correct that brings this month’s value at $125 and the retail cost of the box is $39.95. The box is basically worth a little more than 3 times what I would have paid for it. How can you beat that? I highly recommend Popsugar’s Monthly Must Have Box for those who love the idea behind monthly mystery boxes that are a little more universal. To sign up and to get more info click here. If you decide to sign up use the code JUNESELECT10 for an additional $10 off a 3 month subscription!


POPSUGAR provided me with a complimentary POPSUGAR Must Have box. The opinions I have shared about the box are my own and POPSUGAR did not tell me what to say or how to say it.


May 2014 Favorites

It’s time for my May 2014 Favorites! I cannot believe it’s June already and that I did not get this up sooner. I’ve been in a bit of a rut as of late and not “inspired”. Whatevs, so over it already. We have had a preview of Summer recently and I am happy to report I have FINALLY dropped my winter weight and ALL of my shorts fit! The best part is, I actually like all of them and I have adverted a shorts shopping trip. SO beyond proud of myself! That means I had more money to spend at The Makeup Show Chicago this past weekend! Woot woot! Anywho, on to my faves!


Back Row: Healthy Sexy Hair Color Safe Soy Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner Front Row L to R: Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick, Too Faced Melted in Melted Peony and L'Oreal's Miss Manga Mascara

Back Row: Healthy Sexy Hair Color Safe Soy Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner
Front Row L to R: Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick, Too Faced Melted in Melted Peony and L’Oreal’s Miss Manga Mascara

L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara – I reviewed this here. I have been LOVING this mascara SO much that I have pretty much forsaken ALL of my other mascaras. I have to say that I thought after a few weeks I might hate the formula but I have fallen even MORE in love with Miss Manga!

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick – This was reviewed here and a fav last month as well. The love continues to flow from me for this product! Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick is the bees knees and now that I have tested this in hot summer like conditions, I love this foundation even more! The Skin Foundation Stick stands up to the heat like a champ, especially when paired with a great primer.

Too Faced Melted Peony – I reviewed this here. I love the formula SO much that I recently ordered two more of their newest shades. Melted Peony has been my go to lip shade once again. I wear it all the time because it is simple to apply and it doesn’t go everywhere. Melted Peony lasts for a while sticking around through drinking and eating.

Healthy Sexy Hair Color Safe Soy Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner – I was at the end of my rope with my hair. It’s very fine but I have a lot of it, can be greasy, yet dry and frizzy at the same time. I saw a review of these products online and Ulta had their infamous liter sale going on so I bought them both and I have been in live ever since. I only wash my hair 2 maybe 3 times a week (I shower daily!) if that so this duo has really been getting my hair clean, not making me super oily AND taming my frizzies.

ebblog may 2014 faves ashley pena

Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow in Saddle – Ok, so I forgot this last month and it should have been included. But this shadow is my MUST have product that I can use to fill my brows, define my crease and line my eyes with. I have yet to find a shade of brown that is remotely similar to this in terms of soft color payoff, longevity and tone. It is my perfect shade of brown.

may 2014 ebblog ashley pena

Purples – My go to color for making my eyes pop is purple. I cannot narrow it down to just one purple color cosmetic that I love but some of my faves are NARS Eyeshadow in Daphne, Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide On Liner in Ultraviolet, Ether and Psychedelic Sister. I have way to many purple faves to really mention.

Non Beauty Related Faves

KPop – More specifically Girls Generation, f(x), 2NE1 and After School. I think it’s the lack of female pop groups in the US that I actually enjoy. Even with the current Danity Kane reunion, I find myself wanting more girl group goodness. I’ve always loved pop girl groups and I secretly wanted to be a member of a girl group when I was a little girl and well into my teens. I may not know WHAT my fave KPop Girl Groups are singing about, but who cares! I enjoy it and that is all that matters.

Bad Girls Club Chicago – Yes, I admit it. BGC is MY guilty pleasure. I can identify with these young women because I am quite hellraiser in my own right. It’s entertaining, it’s sad and sometimes for me,  it’s like looking in the mirror. There is so much more to this show than the fighting, twerking, etc. And what’s even better for me is this season was shot in my city. Loving it!

Spanish Olives – Yummy, salty little bundles of goodness! I L-O-V-E Spanish Olives. And I have ZERO self control when it comes to them. I can literally eat an entire jar. Which is very dangerous because it leads to swollen sodium bloat! And I am trying to avoid bloating/swelling at ALL costs this summer.

What were your faves for the money of May? Share them below.