Influencster Viva Vox Box



I was beyond excited when I learned I was selected for Influenster’s Viva Vox Box! I purposefully do not except much in terms of “freebies” but I L-O-V-E to receive random surprise boxes like this one. It’s like Christmas/my birthday when ever I get a surprise box. The Viva Vox Box was loaded with some great goodies and there was really only one product I wouldn’t use.

Right off the bat I was I was most excited about the Vaseline Spray&Go Moisturizer in Cocoa Radiant. This is my favorite formula in the Spray&Go line. If you’re a lazy lotion person like I am, then this is THE product for you. Those of you who have followed me for a while know that I have raved about this product before. Cocoa Radiant is time efficient and it works even on my dragon scale legs.

I also received a few color cosmetic items. I got two Pure Ice Nail Polishes in It’s Complicated and After Hours. It’s Complicated is a clear base loaded with multicolored glitter in what looks like three different sizes. I was able to get pretty good glitter payoff with some patience and two coats. It dried super fast which I love. After Hours is a stunning corally red pink cream nail polish. It went opaque in just two coats and dried really fast. I was able to dig around in my garden and do household chores with no chipping. I was chip free until day 3. Those results are without a top coat/base coat. Both polishes were extremely easy to remove. I’m not much of a nail polish girl BUT I do always wear polish on my toes and these two will make wonderful additions to my collection.

nail polish Pure Ice #vivavoxbox

The other cosmetic item I received is from NYC. It’s their City Proof Twistable Intense Lip Color in South Ferry Berry. This lippie is an intensely pigmented dark berry red that almost leans a little orange on my skin. It has a very intense Cherry Chapstick scent. It is a waxier, chubby lip pencil that will wear for up to 4 hours on me depending on what I’m doing. This shade will leave behind a slight stain that fades around the 6th hour.  South Ferry Berry has an almost glossy/satin finish. It is very moisturizing on my lips and due to the waxiness it does not bleed or move around.  I like that South Ferry Berry imparted a wearable lip color that was incredibly comfortable to wear and took me OUT of my comfort zone.

NYC lippie swatch #vivavoxbox

There are two products I haven’t tried yet: Cetaphil Cleansing Cloths and Montagne Jennesse Creamy Coconut Mask. I have a huge pack of MAC makeup Remover Wipes to get through an I am also testing out the Glam Glow mask so I haven’t had a chance to break out these goodies yet. I’ll post separate reviews when I finally do get to these items.

Finally included in our Influenster Viva Vox Box was Shell Fuel Rewards Card. This is the item I honestly won’t ever use. Our car and gas is fully paid for by my boyfriend’s company and we already have a preferred gas provider. I don’t dry so we are a one car household. Add in the fact that I can’t remember the last time I saw a Shell Station and this item will more than likely be gifted to family or a friend.

The Influenster Vox Box program is fun and free to join. Being extremely active on the Influenster site and participating in their initiatives can help bump you up in their Vox Box standings but in my experience it does seem completely based on random facctors that remain a mystery to me. Overall I enjoyed the Viva Vox Box. Did you receive one? Was your box similar to mine?



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NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Yu



nars YU ebblog


NARS Satin Pencil in Yu contains .07 oz of product and retails for $25.00. There are a total of 13 shades in the Satin Lip line. Yu is not a limited edition shade and it should be available at NARS retailers nationwide. I have to give credit to my girl Kathryne and her blog TheFabZilla for making me bust out my bold lip colors!

NARS Yu is a bright, blue pased pink, almost fuchsia that is on the cool side of the tone universe. It is extremely comfortable to wear, very light on the lips. I don’t feel Yu at all. The formula for this particular pencil  is super opaque. It has a satin finish making it perfect for those of us who cannot normally do super matte formulas. The satin finish also negates the need for an additional gloss as it has a natural sheen to it. Yu wears for a good 4-6 hours depending on what I am doing (eating, drinking, kissing, etc!) and it does leave a slight stain behind. It  did not dry my lips out as it wore, keeping them moisturized which was a nice surprise. Yu  stayed in place without the need for a liner, staying put like a champ.

NARS Yu swatch ebblog

The elephant in the room is the price. One NARS Satin Pencil will set you back $25.00. That is quite pricey BUT NARS is closer to the luxury end of the cosmetics spectrum. It’s definitely a splurge but every once in a while a beauty splurge is ok.  I also don’t like that you have to sharpen this lippie as opposed to a twist up option. At $25.00 a pop I want to use all the Yu possible and not waste it in the trash!

ashley pena NARS Yu selfie

NARS Yu is my go to lippie for a bold, pink lip. I adore the formula as I have fussy lips and Yu does not bother them at all. I say if you’re looking for a great summer color and you want to splurge on yourself grab NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Yu.


Milani Power Lip

milani power lip duo

Milani Power Lip Lasting & Moisturizing Gloss Stain are a new permanent product to Miani’s line of lip products. There are a total of eight shades available: Red Control, Macaroon, Strawberry Sugar, Mango Tango, Creamy Café, Pink Lemonade, Raspberry Tart and Cabaret Blend.  Each Power Lip contains .09 OZ and retails for $6.49. For the purpose of this review I chose Creamy Café and Strawberry Sugar.

From the Milani site:

Power Lip Lasting & Moisturizing Gloss Stain combines the shine of a gloss with the long wear of a stain. When first applied it goes on like a high-shine gloss, and then wears to a rich stain that lasts. Formula cushions lips and provides a non-drying, comfortable wear.  Get the power of a bold lip in just one click! Paraben-free.

Now I will start with the positives of the two shades I own from Milani’s Power Lip line. They really do last an extremely long time when wore correctly. And for anything to last on my lips for eight plus hours that says a lot. Strawberry Sugar is INSANELY pigmented and my favorite of the two. It is the perfect shade of Barbie pink. As light as the shade is, Strawberry Sugar covers my highly pigmented lips very well and wore for a good eight hours. It is a very pretty shade of pink that I love and I am willing to work with. Creamy Café is also INSANELY pigmented covering my natural lips very well. Both shades did not bleed on me and I did not need to use a lip liner with either.


milani power lip duo

Top to Bottom: Strawberry Sugar and Creamy Café


Unfortunately Milani Power Lips in Strawberry Sugar and Creamy Café did not live up to some of the claims Milani made. I was very aware of the fact that I was wearing these on my lips the second I put these on. They were very sticky to the touch and got really tight really quickly. Both shades of Power Lips were a tad uncomfortable to wear. Despite the claims of “non drying” both shades sucked all of the moisture out of my lips to the point where they literally were pealing off my lips. And this is AFTER exfoliating and moisturizing. I just want to note that this is also after two consecutive days of wear. When I wore them on the first day they did not peel off my lips.  Also, Creamy Café wears on the orange side and less on the nude side making the shade not really a fave of mine. The packaging is also a bit clumsy for proper distribution of the product. If you are not careful it is really easy to over apply the product as it tends to ooze out fairly quickly after twisting. I applied it using a lip brush and a metal mixing palette.


milani power lip duo

Wearing Creamy Café

milani power lip duo

Wearing Strawberry Sugar


I really do not recommend these to any of my dry lipped sisters. If you don’t suffer from dry lips and you want to try Milani Power Lips I recommend a very good moisturizer/exfoliate combo before application.  Despite the problems I am in love with the color payoff I get from Strawberry Sugar and I will use it for special occasions. Creamy Café unfortunately will go in my give away pile. Have you tried the Milani Power Lips yet? If so, did you have a different experience?




Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick

too faced melted ebblog summer 2014

Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipsticks are new to their line for Summer 2104. These are available in seven shades, six of them are general release and there is one Sephora exclusive shade. The six general release shades are: Melted Violet, Melted Fuschia, Melted Ruby, Melted Coral, Melted Peony and Melted Nude. There was a Sephora VIB release called Melted Candy but it is gone from the Sephora site. I would inquire at your local Sephora to check stock status. Each Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick contains .4 oz and retails for $21.00.  These are available at Too Faced retailers nationwide. For the purpose of this review I chose Melted Peony and Melted Nude.

too faced melted duo ebblog

The beauty hype machine is VERY real and at times sometimes that hype is warranted. Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick is receiving a ton of hype right now and you know what? All that hype is very WELL deserved! These are AHMAZING, a unique combination of long wearing lipstick and lipgloss. The Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipsticks are unique in the world of “long wear” lip color as these do not dry out my lips and then peel off like skin. The formula is very opaque yet lightweight. I don’t feel like I’ve smeared butter across my lips when I am wearing these.

ebblog too faced melted

L to R: melted Poeny and Melted Nude

The shades Melted Peony and Melted nude wore well for six hours on me through eating and drinking and faded to a stain that lasted an additional two hours. They do lose their shine around hour five but they don’t dry out my lips as time goes on. No tightness, peeling, etc. That wear time for “lighter” shades is exceptional.  Normally I have to conceal my natural lip color by either lining my lips in a nude shade or by using an actual concealer because I have insanely naturally pigmented lips that will bleed through most lighter colors. But when using Melted Nude and Melted Peony I didn’t need to do that and the color stayed put. They stayed where I put them so no bleeding or pooling on the sides of the mouth.

a pena ebblog melted too faced

Melted Nude on my lips.

apena ebblog too faced melted

Wearing Melted Peony on my lips

I really love the packaging as well. It is very girly and pretty squeeze tube with matte gold caps and gold lettering. The tip of the Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipsticks is very unique. It’s a sponge tip applicator with a precise tip that allows for easy application but it also absorbs excess product to avoid gross over application on the lips… You know when you talk and it looks like spider webs of gloss when you open your mouth. Ugh… So gross!

Some of my fellow blogging friends have also reviewed the other shades in the Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick line. I’ll link to them below:


Cosmetic Sanctuary

Phyrra – Beauty for the Bold

As with ANY long wearing product I suggest a great balm before application and if your prone to naturally scaly lips then a really good lip exfoliant is always recommended no matter what product you use. The Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipsticks are the real deal folks! Treat yourself to a great lippie that will NOT let you down!