Mirabella Jewel Thief Holiday 2015

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mirabella jewel thief holiday 2015

Mirabella’s Holiday 2015 Collection is set to steal your eyes and lips this holiday season! The Jewel Thief Holiday 2015  collection consist of two of the cutest eyeshadow palettes I’ve seen in a while, two new additions to their Velvet Lip line and an eyeshadow pencil. The entire collection is available now on their site.

Mirabella is one of the most underrated cosmetics brands out there right now. Seriously, I haven’t disliked anything I have tried from Mirabella before. And this collection is really no different. Before ! breakdown what was sent to me let me just say that Mirabella’s Brow Pencils are also insanely good! Lets dive into the Mirabella Jewel Thief Holiday 2015 Collection.

There are two Second Skin Eyeshadow Palettes in the collection. I have Diamond Deceit Second Skin Eyeshadow palette which is a collection of shimmery/glittery neutrals with a fun pop of color. The other palette is a collection of purples called Lavender Larceny.  These Second Skin eyeshadows can be applied as a sheer wash of shimmery color or each shadow can be built up to increase the intensity of the color payoff. Each shade in the palette is silky smooth even with the amount of micro glitter present in the formula. I had zero issues applying the eyeshadows. Due to the shimmery, glittery nature of these shadows I do suggest applying them over a sticky base/primer. I get about eight to ten hours of wear time with these when wore over a decent primer.

mirabella jewel thief diamond decadence swatches

The shadows don’t swatch well but on your eyes over a base they are stunning!

To go with your shimmery neutrals, I was also sent Mirabella’s Blackmail Eye Crayon. This chubby eye eye pencil is a deep matte black. It’s an intensely creamy formula that can be used as a base for a holiday smoky eye OR you can use it as eyeliner. Blackmail has been a go to eyeliner for me because of how creamy and long wearing it is. I love creating a smoky, neutral everyday look with Blackmail. Once this baby sets, it’s pretty budge proof. However, it is not completely waterproof. If you tend to rub your eyes frequently I would avoid Blackmail. Overall it’s a great addition to the Mirabella Jewel thief Collection.

Finally there are two chubby lip pencils in the Mirabelle Jewel Thief collection. Mireabella Velvet Lip Pencils: Wanted and Vice. I was sent Wanted, a pretty shade of pink with a hint of brown to it. I want more of these! Wanted is like an intensely pigmented lip balm. It’s creamy and moisturizing but it doesn’t need a lipliner to make it work. Very “Your Lips But Better” shade. Perfect for an everyday holiday look and easy enough to apply that you can carry it in your purse. I am tempted to try more of their Velvet Lip pencil line. Maybe after the holidays.

mirabella jewel thief holiday 2015 wanted and blackmail swatches

All in all this a very holiday appropriate collection. The Mirabella Jewel Thief Collection delivers on all fronts! Fun, holiday shimmer that will bring out your festive side just in time for all the Winter Holidays! Have you tried anything from the Mirabella line? What are your favorites?




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Getting New Years Eve Ready with Mirabella


(Purchased by Me/Press Samples)

NYE Mirabella Everyday Beauty Blog

Well the BIG day (Christmas for me!) has come and gone and while I am cleaning up gift wrap, packing left overs I am daydreaming about letting off some holiday steam on New Years Eve. Of course I won’t be partying hard BUT that doesn’t mean I can’t look good holding my virgin Pina Colada/sparkling grape juice. One of my recent favorite beauty products is from a company called Mirabella and their new Faerie Collection: Myth Visionary Long Wear Eyeshadow. This spongy, glittery, versatile deep copper shadow is just stunning with any eye color that I was actually compelled to create an entire New Years Eve look around it. The best part? I used just four products to create this eye look.

ashley pena ebblog mirabella

mirabella faerie NYE ebblogr

Step 1 – The Eyes: When ever I work with anything that is glitter heavy I do my eyes first then finish up my face so I can clean up any possible fall out. I applied a light layer of eyeshadow primer (a tacky primer works best for this look!) and gave it a few seconds to set. Next I took a liner brush and created a line on my upper and lower lash line using  Myth Visionary Long Wear Eyeshadow.  The line starts out thick and then gets thinner as you get closer to the inner corner of your eye. Remember you’re going for a thick, dramatic line here.. Next, I used a glittery light pale pink shadow (Urban Decay Dusk from their Naked 3 palette) and placed it on my lid. I went back to Myth Visionary Long Wear Eyeshadow and intensified my crease and outer “V”, packing it on to get my desired color intensity( Tip: Use a small definer shadow brush). Now that all your color is in place you are going to go over your look with a blending brush to diffuse any harsh lines and to really smoke out the edges. My skin is light enough that I was able to use Mirabella’s Swirling Pearl Brilliant as a highlight shade/blending color to finish off the shadows. I applied a black kohl liner to my waterline, some mascara and done!

Step 2 – The Face: The eyes are the star here so you want to keep your face makeup fairly light. My choice was a light layer of liquid foundation, some cream concealer, a light rosy pink blush and bronzer to warm up my complexion. I kept my brows as natural as possible. Once my face was set I went in with Mirabella’s Swirling Pearl Brilliant to highlight my high points on my face: forehead, Cupid’s Bow and the bridge of my nose.

Step 3 – The Lips: I used one of my favorite tricks on my lips to get the perfect long-wearing nude: applied a cream concealer on my conditioned lips to tone my natural lip color. In order to avoid looking like a corpse I applied Mirabella’s Gossamer Color Luxe Lip Gloss to bring in some sheen and a bit of pale pink.

Optional – You can add some dramatic lashes to really give your lashes some oomph. Browns are a very hot lip shade  now and would be a perfect, trendy addition to you look. More glitter? Sure why not pack on some glitter glue and go to town with pink/copper toned glitters.

Check out what some of my fellow Beauty Council members came up with for New Years Eve below. What are your plans for New Years Eve?


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