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Dermaroller, or micro-needling, is a very specific type of skincare treatment that can treat several different skin problems. You have probably heard of it already, since it’s fairly popular among those who want clearer, healthier skin. However, you might not really understand the process or what to expect from it. To understand all of that, you have to start with identifying the source of your skin issues.

Reasons for Skin Problems to Occur

The biggest reason for skin problems that most people think of is plain old age. Everyone tends to wind up with wrinkles when they get older, not to mention discolored patches of skin (liver spots/sun spots), dry skin, and skin that just feels thin or papery to the touch. Well, it is true that age can certainly create skin problems, especially since your body will produce less healthy proteins and hormones as you age, but there are other things that make contributions to skin problems.

Lack of exercise can have a negative impact on your skin, as can lack of sleep. If you aren’t eating a healthy diet, that can also be a contributing factor. You also have to take a long, hard look at the products and outside influences you expose your skin to on a regular basis. Smoking, drinking, or using too many products that contain harsh chemicals can easily lead to a variety of different skin problems that have nothing to do with age, or they can make natural skin problems associated with aging progress much more quickly.

The Difference Between Lasers and Dermaroller Treatments

You might be wondering what the difference is between lasers and Dermaroller treatments. Well, there are several differences. But the most important one may be that the hand-held Dermaroller (micro-needling) device doesn’t tend to have a negative impact on skin pigment. Whereas, if your skin is dark, certain medical laser devices can actually cause unsightly discolored patches on your skin. Although, other laser devices may be able to treat your skin with no problems at all. It all depends on the individual procedure and your specific case.

dermaroller everyday beauty blog

The Actual Dermaroller Appointment Process

Before you make your first Dermaroller appointment, you need to know what the process will be like. The technician will begin by numbing the section of skin you want them to treat. Then they will take a hand-held device covered in tiny needles and roll it over that section of skin several times in different directions. That will leave tiny puncture holes in your skin, which may bleed for a short time after the treatment is over. That’s perfectly normal.

The point of puncturing your skin with tiny needles is to damage it just enough that your body’s natural defenses will kick in. Then your body should send out healthy proteins, which will not only repair the minor damage done by the Dermaroller tool, but also repair some of the skin issues you want to treat in the process. It’s a minimally invasive way to convince your body to strengthen and tighten your skin.

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