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bare Minerals Destination Glow is a six piece (including the totally adorable mini tote) limited edition set for the Summer 2014 from bare Minerals. This set includes five full sized items and retails for $39.oo. The retail value of the bare Minerals Destination Glow set if purchased separately is $87. I want to say this is an Ulta exclusive as I have not seen it anywhere else. It is still available on the Ulta site and in stores.

bare Minerals Destination Glow contents ebblog

The beyond adorable bare Minerals Destination Glow summer set is definitely beach themed. All of the products included in the Destination Glow set are designed to be either long wearing, waterproof or hydrating all optimal for outdoor summer wear. Not that I normally wear makeup to the beach but I would wear the items in Destination Glow to an amusement park, a BBQ or some other summer destination. The set breaks down like this:

bare Minerals Destination Glow BB Eye Cream

5-In-1 Advanced BB Perfomance Cream Eye Shadow Broad Spectrum 15 in Soft Linen (0.10 oz.) – I bought this set just for this product because at the time these were only available exclusively in sets. You can now purchase the 5-In-1 BB Performance Cream Eye Shadow on the bare Minerals site and I believe these officially launch in store soon. 5-In-1 Advanced BB Perfomance Cream Eye Shadow are touted to wear for 12 hours and unfortunately Soft Linen did not stand up to the heat and humidity of Chicago’s summer. I wore Soft Linen on a hot, humid day without primer and it creased within an hour. When used with a primer or as a primer I had no issues with lasting power or fading. The formula itself is very soft, creamy, easy to apply, blends well and sets to a powder-like consistency. The “bb” aspects of it are really just fluff with one exception, Soft Linen did brighten up my tired eyes. The product itself is housed in a frosted glass tube and it is applied with a doe foot applicator, much like the classic Urban Decay Primer Potion. I like this product but I am iffy about buying any other shades as I feel Soft Linen is the best shade for me and the other shades in the line appear to be more on the lines of neutral skin tones as opposed to straight on color.

bare Minerals Destination Glow ebblog eyeshadow

Riviera Eye Color in Sunbaked Bronze (0.02 oz.) – The perfect shade of shimmery bronze for the summer. I thoroughly enjoyed this shade as it can be applied lightly or a sheer wash or layered for an intense, almost smoky finish. Sunbaked Bronze was the first time I had ever used a loose bare Minerals eyeshadow and I had no fall out issues applying it from the jar to my face. Sunbaked Bronze wore for hours upon hours over primer without primer I got a good hour crease free. I would like to state that I have oily, hooded lids so very few product

bmdestglow ebblog 8

Full Size Flawless Definition Waterproof Mascara in Black (0.33 fl. oz.) – I was not exactly wowed by this mascara. While long wearing and waterproof, it is very difficult to remove and I don’t really feel it does much for me in terms of volume and length. It does deliver in the definition promise but Flawless Definition Waterproof Mascara will clump while attempting to layer it. The formula reminds me of an expensive version of Covergirl’s Clump Crusher Mascara without the ability to keep adding layers without clumping. The brush is a very full and made of synthetic hair like bristles. Flawless Definition Waterproof Mascara will work for me on the days when I need a waterproof mascara and those are few and far between: beach/water park days.

bare Minerals Destination Glow review

Faux Tan Matte All Over Face Color (0.05 oz.) – I have to admit I didn’t like this when I swatched it. Faux Tan Matte looked almost orange and I didn’t think it would work for me. Surprisingly, Faux Tan Matte works very well to add a sun kissed glow to my skin. I don’t think I could use this to contour with as it would probably look a little muddy but just a touch of this on the high points of my face gives me just the right amount of bronzy, summer glow. On it’s own the wear time will vary depending on your skin type. I had no issues with it on my cheeks, forhead and chin. It faded on the bridge of my nose in two hours when wore alone. Combined with a primer and foundation I had ZERO wear issues with bare Mineral Faux Tan Matte All Over Face Color.

bare Minerals Destination Glow review

Loud & Clear Lip Sheer in Magenta Vibe (0.07 oz.) – Hands down, my favorite item in this set. If you don’t know by now I am not a bright/loud/bold lip girl. The Loud & Clear Lip Sheer in Magenta Vibe is just perfect for me! It’s the perfect punch of color without being too much for me. Magenta Vibe is a tinted lip balm which is meant to be on the sheer side, imparting just enough color and moisture. It doesn’t bleed all over but it also not a very long wearing product either. Wear time aside it is a lip balm that is perfect to toss in your purse for those days when you need a hint of color and moisture. Magenta Vibe is exclusive to this set as far as I know.

swatches bare Minerals Destination Glow ebblog review

Top to Bottom: Faux Tan Matte All Over Face Powder, Loud & Clear Lip Sheer in Magenta Vibe, 5-In-1 Advanced BB Perfomance Cream Eye Shadow Broad Spectrum 15 in Soft Linen and
Riviera Eye Color in Sunbaked Bronze

full face bare Minerals Destination Glow review Ashley Pena

Ready for that summertime BBQ! Foundationless face, dark eyeliners are Urban Decay, brows by Anastasia and concealer is from The Balm, everything else is bare Minerals Destination Glow.

All in all, I really like bare Minerals Destination Glow. I was surpised that my favorite of the bunch is the Loud & Clear Lip Sheer in Magenta Vibe. I really want to try more from this line of bare Minerals products.  As I mentioned before this appears to be an Ulta exclusive which means that if you are signed up to receive their e-mails they occasionally offer discounts on their bare Minerals products and picking bare Minerals Destination Glow on a discount is a GREAT deal. Have you tried this set? Do you have any bare Mineral faves?


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Ipsy June 2014 Glam Bag

ipsy june 2014 ebblog review

Rebecca Minkoff?!?!?! Yes please!

My June 2014 Ipsy Glam bag arrived a little later than usual this month due to a shipping error. I have to say I am a little peeved about it. I have been subbed to Ipsy for just about a year now and this is the FOURTH time I have had a shipping error on my bag. I do take into consideration that the service is $10 which includes shipping so there is bound to be hiccups BUT I am paying for this service too, so I am entitled to rant a little about it.

This month I am most excited about the actual bag. It is designed by Rebecca Minkoff and I have to say I have become somewhat of a Rebecca Minkoff handbag junkie as of late. The Glam Bag this month is hands down my fave of the 13 I have. Love the design and the fact that it has a Rebecca Minkoff tag. Now on to the contents.

ipsy june 2014

Be A Bombshell Lash Out Mascara in Black – Dear Ipsy PLEASE no more Be A Bombshell products! This mascara is hands down the WORST product I have ever tested. It has a rancid vinegar smell and it does nothing. I’m serious. The Be A Bombshell Lash Out mascara might as well be an invisible product.

Realtree For Her – From worst to best! I was kind of bummed when I found out that this was in my bag.  However, this is such a GREAT fragrance. I loved the floral, fruity notes and the sweetness is cut with amber and mahogany. It’s not your typical feminine fragrance. I went ahead and ordered a full size. The sample size of Realtree For Her is in the deluxe size and it comes in a spray bottle. A huge plus when it comes to fragrance samples. I plan on taking this little bad boy on vacay with me.

NYX Butter Glloss in Creme Brulee – Another fave this month. Believe it or not I am not a huge NYX fan and I haven’t tried any of their much hyped Butter Glosses. I am not head over heals in love with Creme Brulee. This peachy nude lipgloss is great for layering or wearing on its own. Creme Brulee is almost opaque on my pigmented lips, it wears on it’s own for about 3 hours depending on what I am doing, it has a sugary vanilla scent and I found it just a tad bit sticky.  For me it is not drying nor moiturizing, just “there”.

OFRA Eyebrow Universal – I have been wanting to try products from OFRA for a while now. This eyebrow pencil is not truly universal as it would be way too dark for blondes and too brown for red heads. It is a waxy pencil in a Taupe shade that can be made lighter or darker based on the amount of pressure applied. I actually liked that the OFRA Brow Universal is firm enough to pencil in light, individual hairs, leaving a natural looking brow. OFRA Brow Universal suffers from a HUGE problem though… It never sets. If you sweat or wipe your brow then there’s a good chance that this product will be gone. I suggest setting it with a powder product. The OFRA Universal Brow pencil is just ok. There are much better options out there when it comes to wear time.

ipsy june 2014 ebblog

L to R: Creme Brulee and OFRA Universal Eyebrow Pencil

Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray –  I haven’t tried this yet because these types of sprays usually contain salt (this one does!) and salts can be very drying on my hair. I also generally don’t like the frizzy, dry beachy waves. I prefer sleek, smooth waves! I will more than likely be giving this away because the Marc Anthony  Dream Waves Beach Spray smells awesome but it is just not for me.

Do you get Ipsy’s monthly Glam Bag? What did you think of this month’s bag? Not a subscriber? Sign up today:  (Not an affiliate link.)


Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner

ebblog benefit they're real push-up Benefit’s They’re Real Push-Up Liner is their latest edition to the “They’re Real” line. It contains .04 oz of product and it retails for $24.00. The Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner has not yet been released. It is expected to hit Benefit’s site on June 27th, 2014 and Benefit counters/retailers shortly after. I had completely sworn off Benefit Cosmetics new “gimmicky” releases. I’m not going to lie, the marketing behind Benefit’s latest release totally sold me on buying the They’re Real Push-Up Liner. I’ve seen it in a few YouTube videos, I saw Benefit’s “police” themed ads for it, I TOTALLY succumbed to the “hype” surrounding They’re Real Push-Up Liner. What can I say? I am human. Benefit’s They’re Real Push-Up Liner is a rather interesting liner. This is NOT your typical liner pen. It is pen shaped with a rubber “AccuFlex” tip that is designed to “hug the lash line” and deposit just the right amount of black eyeliner. The actual eyeliner housed inside the pen is a gel liner (and not liquid!). To dispense the product there is a twist dispenser located at the bottom of They’re Real Push-Up Liner. To use it you only need to twist it “once” and then rest the AccuFlex tip on the base of your lashes and slowly guide along your lashline. You can start from your inner or outer corner.

ebblog benefit they're real push-up liner accuflex

The AccuFlex Tip from Benefit’s They’re Real Push-Up Liner

While applying Benefit’s They’re Real Push-Up Liner sounds simple enough, there is a bit of a learning curve. Finding the right way to apply this liner will vary by person. The AccuFlex tip is comfortable and it doesn’t drag across my lids. The gel liner is VERY dry, when applying this across my lashline I did have to touch up the spots where I had some gaps in the liner when wearing the They’re Real alone. When wore over a powder/cream shadow it was almost IMPOSSIBLE to apply, the gel liner is so dry it would not apply at all on top of any shadow product. It became a dry, chunky mess. Once set on my bare eye, I found the liner to be budge proof and on my eyes water proof. It wore for a good 8 hours without any noticeable fading on my oily eyelids and then started to fade around hour 9 or so. They’re Real Push-Up Liner was easy to remove and it did not stain the skin. While it excels at making a nice thick line and winger liner on bare skin it is almost impossible to create a thinner, more natural looking line along the lashline.

ebblog swatch benefit they're real push-up liner

In this swatch you can see how dry the liner is. This is swatched on bare skin.

Benefit’s latest gimmick is a beauty flop. There are much creamier, easier to apply gel liners out there. My pick would be Essence Gel Eyeliners which are available at a a fraction of the cost ($3.99). Will you be trying Benefit’s They’re Real Push Up Liner? What type of eyeliner do you like? Comment below! Ashley

The Makeup Show Chicago Recap

tmschicago 2014 ebblog

As a beauty blogger AND makeup artist events like The Makeup Show Chicago are my absolute favorite to attend. And this year’s show was no exception. The Makeup Show Chicago 2014 was full of top notch education, inspiring key notes, great seminars and awesome shopping. This is THE show for makeup pros and beauty bloggers in the Midwest.

tmschicago ebblog

This year I was invited to the Blogger Event which was the Friday night before the show opened. We were treated to an inspiring presentation by the phenomenal James Vincent. Now, we are treated to a bag full of goodies and it is easy to just take the material items away from the Blogger Event because we did get some awesome goodies! But there was a point in James’ presentation where he really broke down what being a makeup artist is and that there is no such thing as a “celebrity” makeup artist because we all have the same job. His words: we deal with people when they are at their most vulnerable, natural state. That statement stuck with me more than anything else over the TMS Weekend.

focus tmschicago ebblog


The show itself was phenomenal! Two days of learning and shopping. What is not to love? I’ve already raved about the brand Charlotte Tilbury but there was SO many great brands that I was introduced to at the show: Serenity+Scott, Gorgeous Cosmetics, Viseart, CAO Cosmetics, I Make You Beautiful were just some of the brands I experienced for the very first time. There are show specials, discounts, etc to be had making The Makeup Show a BAD place for your bank account.

tmschicago ebblog serenity+scott tms chicago serenity+scott ebblog

There is top notch education from experienced artists and teachers which focus on kit building for novice artists, specific technique training, trend forecasts, business tips & tricks and for the first time ever a critique on your portfolio. The brands at the show participated in the portfolio critique and held quick fire type interviews. If I remember correctly there were a few agencies represented as well.

ebblog tmschicago walking artwork

Eye candy! Artistic and H-O-T! Walking artwork.

If The Makeup Show rolls into your area I highly recommend that you attend. For all the reasons I mentioned of course, but to also be part of your local community. When you strip away all the layers, the true goal of The Makeup Show is to build and strengthen the community of artists, brands and social media influencers. It’s great to get bargains, freebies, etc but the best part for me, is connecting with others who share my love for the industry.

haul tms chicago ebblog

Gifted items from TMS Chicago Blogger Event


haul ebblog tmschicago

All of my purchased goodies!

Ok, so my haul is a little nuts. See anything you like? Reviews coming soon! I just want to thank the folks at The Makeup Show for another great weekend. A huge shout out to everyone I met and the brands I connected with. I cannot wait to see what this year brings for us.


James Vincent Dishes on The Makeup Show Chicago 2014

james vincent tms chicago ebblog

Can you believe that The Makeup Show Chicago is a little over a week away (6/7/14-6/8/14) I just saw the updated listing of the exhibitors/seminars and I am BEYOND excited for this year’s show! I had the chance to speak with the Director of Artist Relations and Education: James Vincent. James is also a well accomplished makeup artist in his own right, having worked in nearly every genre of makeup artistry. He has worked with some of the biggest beauty brands developing products and training artists. For anyone who has been to The Makeup Show Chicago, James is very hands on, approachable, funny and always willing to share his knowledge.

Navigating any show like TMS Chicago can be a bit overwhelming for first time show goers. I got to speak with James Vincent yesterday and we had a blast chatting about some of his favorite items that are available at this years show and tips/tricks for making the most out of your TMS Chicago Experience.

tmschicago 2014 makeup beauty ebblog


Shop Efficiently – Arrive with a clear plan and a list of items you need (not want!). For makeup artists, you should have a list of what needs to be replaced. Also, be prepared to adjust your list based on new trends and technology revealed at the show. The Makeup Show Chicago is tailored to meet the needs of all makeup artists with brands from the low end of the budget spectrum to the higher end of the budget spectrum

Must Have Foundation/Base Products – A great base starts with great skin care. James’ picks for TMS Chicago were MUA cult hit Embryolisse Laite-Creme Concentre and a new comer to the TMS Chicago scene, Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater. While he is not a huge fan of primers, James did recommend Make Up For Ever’s HD Elixir. As for actual foundations/correctors he suggested Kevyn Aucoin’s Sensual Skin Enhancer, Ellis Faas Foundation (which he said “looks like skin”), RCMA foundations for artists looking for foundations on a budget, TMS Chicago newcomer Ashunta Sheriff foundations – which are “great for women of color” and Temptu SD for airbrush professionals/fans. Make Up For Ever’s PRO Finish Powder is his choice for powder foundation.

Must Have Brushes – His go to’s are Crown Brush for budget friendly options. On the higher end of the spectrum he mentioned London Brush Company and NARS. Crown Brush will have some awesome show specials celebrating the spirit of artistry and they are a somewhat local company.

Must Have Color Cosmetics – Palettes are the way to go when it comes to color cosmetics. ZPalette will be at the show again this year and they have made some adjustments to their customizeable palettes, making the wells deeper to allow for baked items, etc to be placed in them. Another top pick was Viseart’s Matte Eyeshadow Palette #1 (available at Alcone) which he promised will make you forget about some of the other well known palettes out there. He also liked NARS Eyeshadows and their Multiples. OCC’s latest collection The Dune Generation will also be available at TMS Chicago and he likes their Stained Glosses. James let me know that for the first time ever, Charlotte Tilbury’s line will be available at TMS Chicago. As any passionante makeup artist would, he mentioned many more brands such as Stila, Smashbox, Make Up For Ever and Kevyn Aucoin.

Must Have Kit Odd and Ends – Items like disposable mascara wands are a MUST and can be quite pricey when purchased at drugstores and local beauty supply shops. James recommends visiting the Alcone booth for great deals on disposables, especially their non latex sponges, which he uses to blend with and their Makeup Remover Wipes. He also recommends the Make Up For Ever HD Sponge. I learned a bit of makeup trivia too. Did you know that Kevyn Aucoin developed the famous Shu Umera Lash Curler and that the one in his line is very similar and better suited for wider, larger eyes?

Tips For Getting Started in the Industry – Education is key! You are always going to be learning and adapting to the latest trends, techniques and technologies. Being active within your artists’ community and networking as extremely important too. That is one of the biggest draws of The Makeup Show Chicago. There was not really a community of artists in the city. TMS Chicago was the first to bring artists from all over the city together in one place where they can shop, learn and most importantly build a community.

Favorite Makeup Trends – He mentioned that he really likes what he is seeing terms of blush shades: pinks and oranges. James is not one for trends but he likes the golds and bronzes that are hot for Summer 2014. He also really likes the graphic liner looks that have been popular on runway shows the past few seasons and the fact that bright shadows on the eye are coming back, especially for women of color.

Those Notorious “Chicago Brows” – Every year at the Blogger Preview event James ribs us on our “infamous” bold brows. He stressed the importance of looking to the seasonal runways and the red carpets to stay on top of brow trends, which do change for every season.

I enjoyed talking makeup with James. He embodies everything about the community that I love: personality, the love to share knowledge and he cares about the community. Our convo has me beyond excited for all the brands, seminars, etc that are included in this years The Makeup Show Chicago. The show runs June 7th and 8th. Tickets are still available, for more information please visit: I will be there and I would love to connect with anyone who is going, hit me up on Facebook, Twitter or comment below.