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Teadora Nourishing Lip Butter is jam packed with organic, sustainable ingredients that promise to deliver soft lips and awaken/delight your senses! This lip butter is available in two flavors:  Dawn (vibrant citrus) and Dusk (berry chocolate). Teadora’s Nourishing Lip Butter retail for $15.00 and contains .5 OZ of product. You can find Teadora’s Nourishing Lip butters online here. For the purpose of this review I have Teadora’s Nourishing Lip Butter in Dawn.

ebblog teadora nourishing lip butter

First impressions are often very important to me when trying out a new brand and let’s just say the Teadora’s Nourishing Lip Butter in Dawn comes housed in a luxe box that is so pretty I refuse to throw it out. The lip butter itself is housed in an equally impressive tub. When removing the lid you get a whiff of fragrant citrusy goodness which definitely awakens my senses. Nourishing Lip Butter in Dawn perfectly compliments my citrus based morning routine.

teadora nourishing lip butter in dawn ebblog

Teadora’s Nourishing Lip Butter in Dawn is a very pretty shade of orange gold that of course imparts zero pigment on your lips but it is stunning to look at. Teadora’s website claims that Dawn will lightly exfoliate lips and keep them hydrated through out the day. After testing the product out for several days I can say this little lip butter can do both very well. As an exfoliant Teadora’s Nourishing Lip Butter in Dawn works well. Admittedly my lips aren’t as dry and chapped as some but I was able to apply Dawn and then lightly wipe my lips with a warm wash rag. I then followed up with Dawn as my balm and had ZERO issues wearing my trusty matte lip colors. On it’s own Dawn is a fab way to add moisture, protection and a little bit of sheen. I reach for it the morning and at night before bed. And I feel good about since Teadora donates a portion of their profits to support rainforest conservation and education.

I have two minor gripes that don’t kill this lip butter for me. First, I normally don’t like lip butters/balms in a pot. I get around this issue by using a disposable cosmetic spatula at home but I can’t travel with Teadora’s Nourishing Lip Butter in Dawn because of the packaging and concerns about germy hands when I am out and about. If this lip butter was more travel friendly it would have definitely attained HG status. My second gripe is that it can be a little gritty when worn solely as a lip butter but I get around that by applying Teadora Nourishing Lip Butter in Dawn on my lips and then gently patting off the gritty part with a tissue.

Overall, I fell that the Teadora Nourishing Lip Butter is so great that it has replaced a previous fave of mine and earned it’s place on my vanity. Good for you ingredients, that benefit a worthy cause and won’t break your bank? What’s not to love about Teadora’s Nourishing Lip Butter in Dawn. Have you tried this product before? Do you like citrus fragrance/favor like I do?


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