My Favorite Urban Decay Products

ebblog faves urban decay

Urban Decay has come a looooong way since it’s initial offering of nail polish on the shelves of Hot Topic. Today the brand sports a wide variety of products that can make any beauty novice’s head spin. Like every beauty brand out there, the line sports some big hits and massive duds. I want to help you avoid the Urban Decay duds and give you what I feel are the standouts in the Urban Decay Line.

ebblog top urban decay

24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil – There are some products that just don’t live up to their cult status and hype. The 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils deserve all the kudos they receive. These creamy, long wearing eye pencils definitely deserve all the praise they receive. Available in a stunning array of colors, there really is something for everyone in the 24/7 Glide-On Pencil line. While you might want to reach for trusty standby shades of brown or black, I suggest trying purples and greasy too as an alternative to “safe” colors. My picks are Smoke, Mushroom, Invasion, Vice and Empire.

urban decay optical blurring brush top urban deca picks

Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush – This face brush is hands down my favorite brush ever! It works with cream and liquids to give a perfect finish that you just have to see to believe. The Optical Blurring Brush handles well, has the perfect weight to it and also works to blend blush/bronzer/highlight. As a makeup artist it’s rare for me to be like, “OMG you must has dis brush??!”. The Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush is a definite must have.

urban decay top picks mascara

L to R: Cannonball, Perversion and SuerCurl

Mascaras – Urban Decay does mascaras very, VERY well. With one exception (the new Fatty is HORRID!) you can’t really go wrong with Cannonball (Waterproof), Supercurl or Perversion. I love all three and use them each for different purposes. Cannonball when I need a waterproof option. Perversion when I want dark, glossy, intense lashes. Supercurl when I am looking for a denser, thicker lash or to hold a curl. I own all three and reach for them all equally but if I had to choose just ONE: Perversion ALL the way!

naked basics top urban decay

Naked Basics – If you own one Urban Decay palette than the original Naked Basics is the one you SHOULD own. You can go from light wear, to work wear and then kick up for a smokey, night time look. All five shades in this palette are stunning, easy to work with and long wearing. Good mattes are hard to find and a predominantly matte palette that is not a chalk fest is even harder to find. Naked Basics is under $30 which also makes it a great palette at an awesome price.

all nighted urban decay top products

All Nighter Setting Spray – I find that not everyone needs to “set” there makeup with a powder. I only really recommend a powder to set if your really oily OR wearing a tinted moisturizer/BB/CC/DD/FF/AA cream and you’re looking to pump up the overage. Setting powders can be really hard to work with and they can take your perfect look to cake town if you’re not careful. Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray is the perfect way to “set” your makeup without cake face OR correct cake face. Yes, you can fix over powdering with All Nighter (or any facial spray). Just spritz some All Nighter on a fluffy brush and gently buff away the excess powder on your face. You can also buy All Nighter in smaller purse sized travel packaging making touch ups easy!

24/7 glide-on lip pencils top urban decay

24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencils – The cousin of their ultra famous 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils, their lip pencil options are JUST as fabulous! The 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencils are long wearing, they stay in place and they will keep your lip color locked in place for hours. What you don’t hear about these lip pencils is how creamy and pigmented the 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencils are. You can actually wear these all over lips (over a great balm if you suffer form dry chapped lips) without the tugging you normally get with most pencils. In the 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil have a liner and long wearing lip color in one. Not looking for any color, try Ozone for a clear liner that keeps your lippies in place and adds subtle definition to your lips.

Honorable Mention goes to Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Foundation. It wears for hours, looks like skin, provides great coverage and photographs well. It can be a little drying so if you have drier, flakey skin this is not a foundation for you.

What are your favorites from Urban Decay? Let me know in the comments section below!

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Sneak Peak: Holiday 2014

Holiday 2014 is here! Fall has not even officially started in the US and we are already starting to see Holiday 2014 sets hit retailers like Macys, Ulta and Sephora online. I have an early round up of some of my top picks that I think you should get on as soon as they are available (some of them already are!). Trust me these may go really, REALLY fast.

ebblog hourglass holiday 2014

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette – Last year’s Ambient Lighting Palette was a holiday HIT and now Hourglass is back with a palette featuring three of their STUNNING Ambient Lighting Blushes: Incandescent Electra,an exclusive, limited-edition shade in a cool peach, Luminous Flush a champagne rose and Mood Exposure a soft plum color. If you’re a blush fan this is a must. You can sign up for e-mail notification when it becomes available.

holiday 2014 preview ebblog tf

Too Faced Everything Nice Set – Too Faced does whimsy, holiday sets like no other. This set features twenty eyeshadows, two blushes, two bronzers, three mini brushes, a mini Better Than Sex Mascara and a gorgeous hot pink bag all for $56! The Too Faced Everything Nice Set is definitely on my “Must Get” list.

ebblog holiday2014 preview UD

Urban Decay Full Frontal Lipstick Stash –  If you are like me then your lipsticks dry out before you finish them. I actually prefer lipstick minis and this set is really the only thing that has excited me from Urban Decay’s Holiday 2014 offerings. You are getting six mini Revolution lipsticks (three of which are new and exclusive to the set) and a full size Ozone lipliner for $39. I also really like the packaging.

holiday 2014 ebblog sephora fragrance

Sephora Favorites Perfume Sampler – Anyone who has followed me for years knows that I think these sets are on elf the best gifts to give to someone who is hard to shop for. This holiday season the set includes offerings from: Prada, Tom Ford, Chloe, Burbery and more . Not sure how this works? Each set contains sample sized options for each of the fourteen perfumes listed and a voucher to redeem for a full sized bottle of perfume.

ebblog holiday 2014 preview

Too Faced Melted Kisses – I love the Too Faced Melted Line. This is the perfect gift set to give OR the perfect way to experience this awesome line of lippies! I wish I would have waited.. Two of my favorite Melteds are in this set. It’s also under $30 which is a holiday steal.

ebblog holiday 2014 preview Tarte

Tarte Brushed with Destiny – Holiday 2014 Brush Wars have heated up with Tarte launching the first salvo. This five piece limited edition set contains Tarte’s popular buffer brush and assortment of other brushes. This set is housed in a gorgeous bag making this a must have in my opinion.

lorac pro mega ebblog holiday  2014

LORAC Pro Mega Palette – My early pick for the “IT” palette of Holiday 2014. We don’t know THAT much about the palette yet but if it’s anything like it’s two smaller sisters than I expect greatness from this palette. The release date was hinted to be some time in October. If I buy anything from the Holiday 2014 collections the LORAC Pro Mega Palette will be on the top of my list.

While I generally don’t enjoy having the holidays crammed down my throat so early but in the case of beauty products I think I’ll make an exception! The LORAC Pro Mega and the Tarte Brush Kit are topping my wish list right now.  Is there anything you are wishing for this Holiday 2014 season? Let me know in the comments below.



Urban Decay Shadow Box

ebblog urban decay shadow box


Urban Decay Shadow Box is new twelve shadow palette exclusive to Ulta. The palette contains three new shades and nine preexisting shades. From what I can tell it is not limited edition. The Urban Decay Shadow Box retails for $34.00 and contains a total of .12 oz of product. You can find it in your local Ulta store or online here. I grabbed this because it reminded me of my very first Urban Decay Palette, the Ammo Palette. Was I left longing for my beloved Ammo Palette or is the new Urban Decay Shadow Box a worthy replacement.


ebblog urban decay shadow box face

Look at dem colors!!


The palette contains some of my all time favorite shadows from their line: Sin, Bordello, Smog and Mushroom so it was almost a given that I would just LOVE this palette. And while I don’t love the Urban Decay Shadow Box, I do like it. Eleven of the twelve shadows are decent. The lone bad shade is the matte black “Blackout”which suffers in the pigmentation department. While the pigmentation is present in the other element shades, what IS missing is the famed Urban Decay texture/feel. Each of the shades felt a little drier and definitely on the powdery side when compared to their full size sisters. The pigmentation is also a bit off from the full size singles. For instance Bordello usually wears very orchid/light purple but the version in the Shadow Box almost wears slightly pinky taupe. I also wished there was more variety when it came to the shadow finish. This palette has a lone mate shade (Blackout) and the other eleven shades are either frost/shimmer/glitter finish. Sometimes a combination of two finishes! I do like the departure from their “Naked” trend but seven out of the ten shades included are neutrals.


urban decay shadow box swatches 1

L to R: Sin, Indo, Bordello, Tornado, Smog and Blackout

urban Decay shadow box swatches line 2

L to R: Flash, Mushroom, Lost, Freelove, Moonshadow and Baked Cowboy.


The standout shades for me in this palette are: Sin, Baked Cowboy, Mushroom, Lost, Moonshadow, Free Love and Tornado. Urban Decay’s Shadow Box also includes three new shades: Indo, Moonshadow and Baked Cowboy. The difference in color, texture and lack of finish diversity aside the entire palette wore very well on me. I got a good ten plus hours of wear with primer before I saw any noticeable fading. I experienced less fall out then usual when applying the shadows, which shocked me since they are on the drier side. I also didn’t have any trouble applying the shadows and making them work together when wore with a primer.


urban decay shadow box ashley pena ebblog urban decay shadow box ashley pena side eye


The packaging is cute and Urban Decay’s Shadow Box is compact/sturdy enough for travel. Packaging consists of a standard thicker cardboard with a outer glossy layer. There is a magnetic closure on the lip of the flip top and a small mirror that rests on the inside of the top half of the palette. The decor is pretty: purple orchids cover the entire palette and a silver “UD” button graces the lip of the palette.

Overall the Urban Decay Shadow Box is a decent palette, it’s not the best in terms of quality or price but if you’re a diehard Urban Decay fan you’ll be satisfied with it for the new shades alone. For everyone else, the market is saturated with palettes that are at better price points and superior in quality (LORAC PRO 2!). The Urban Decay Shadow Box just does not cut it in today’s competitive palette market. Why settle for decent when there is GREAT out there in the eyeshadow palette world?


Fall 2014 Beauty Haul

ebblog fall haul 2014


The fall is my ABSOLUTE favorite time of year. There is nothing I dislike about the fall except maybe the rain but whatevs. I’ve been on a bit of a spending spree as of late so I figured I would share my beauty related purchases with everyone. I do want to say that Ulta Beauty has the best rewards program ever especially if you get salon services there (which I do!). I used my points to redeem to pay for some of the products below. Aaaaaaand now on to my Fall 2014 Haul!


ebblog fall 2014 haul bags


Make Up Forever Artists Shadows and Artist Palette – Special shout out to Cosmetically-Challenged because she really made me excited for this new line of gel to powder shadows from Make Up Forever. You can create your own palette OR you can choose to purchase the Artist’s palette. I opted for both. You do get a discount when you create your own palette (two or three pan palette) making the shadows a bit more affordable.

T3 Single Pass Compact Iron – I need a new flat iron badly and I prefer a smaller, compact flat iron because my arms get tired really, really fast. I had been on the fence about this because it’s got just a single heat setting but it gets great reviews and I think it’s time to graduate from Chi to T3.


ebblog fall 2014 haul products 1


Urban Decay Perversion Mascara – I bought the full size because I loved the sample I got in last month’s Ipsy bag.

MAC Strobe Cream – The best thing about free standing MAC Stores is they sell everything so I was able to get a travel size Strobe Cream for $10.

MAC Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner in Designer Purple – My obsession with purple is real this season!

MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadow in Highly Charged – Moar purple!

ebblog fall haul 2104 products 2


Shea Moisture Super Fruit Complex Shampoo and Hair Masque (not pictured) – I have to thank Daydreaming Beauty for inspiring me to try this line out. Before vacation I went pretty blonde which ended up really drying my hair out. I recently went back to my natural hair color and I am hoping these products help infuse my hair with moisture.

Redken Wax Blast 10 – A recommendation from my stylist.

Too Faced Cat Eye Palette – I have been on a Too Faced high recently. Hopefully that keeps up with this incredibly cute palette!

Urban Decay Shadow Box – It was the Urban Decay Ammo Palette that really jump started my beauty obsession and this was more of a nostalgic purchase. Plus it’s pretty!

Essence All About Nude Eyeshadow – A curiosity purchase. I have seen a few good review on their new palettes. This was the one that spoke to me.

Essence Stay No Matter What Eyeshadow Pencil in Whipped White Frosting – I was craving frosting and this eyeshadow pencil is beyond pretty. I have high hopes for this!

Essence Crystal Liner in Sparkling Purple – I’m addicted to adding just a little bit of glitter to my outter v, to give it that little bit of pop.

Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish in Flash Dance – I had a $20 Nordstrom Note and I got this. It’s such a GORGEOUS color! Perfect for my toes on fall!

City Color Barely Exposed – Last but not least… I grabbed this at Five Below. I loved my last City Colors purchase so I thought I’d try this.

There you have it, my Fall 2014 haul. I am going to TRY and go on a no buy but I suspect that is going to get really, really hard for me given that Holiday 2014 is literally right around the corner. Have you been on a shipping kick lately? What are some of the new items you have picked up?


August 2014 Faves


ebblog august 2014 faves

I cannot believe it’s September already? Where has this year gone? August was a weird month for us here in the Chi. It was downright cool at some points but Summer came roaring back the last few weeks of August and it has been pretty humid and hot, yuck! I had a few favorites for the month of August, some of them are predictable (obviously!) and some of them are brand new. But because of the heat I can honesty say that I wore very minimal makeup for more than half of the month.

ebblog august 2014 faves

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick – Honestly, if you haven’t tried this you are missing out! I’m fairly consistent when it comes to favorite products and this foundation has been my go to since I bought it waaaaaay back when it first launched. My official review is here.

batiste dry shampoo august 2104

Forgot to include this in my group shot!

Batiste Dry Shampoo Fruity & Cheeky Cherry – A recent discovery for me. I grabbed a can of this prior to leaving for Mexico in July and I fell in love with it. I just bought another can of the Fruity & Cheeky Cherry scent and I got one for brunettes. Batiste is an affordable dry shampoo option at 7.99 and it works better then most high end dry shampoos I have tried. The scent is more fruity than cherry but it smells really, really good.  This particular scent absorbs oil and freshens my hair very well. It also adds a nice, long lasting volume. You can find Batiste Dry Shampoos in a variety of scents at various stores. I buy mine at Ulta and Walgreens.

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara – Ok, so I like this better than my previous fave L’Oreal Miss Manga. Perversion is ultra black, ultra shiny goodness folks! I know, I know I kind of dogged on the mascara in my August 2014 Ipsy Bag review BUT I am a woman and therefore allowed to change my mind. I really, really LOVE this mascara. Against my fair skin it just makes my lashes “POP”. Perversion doesn’t clump my lashes, it’s extremely easy to build up and the brush/wand is the bomb. This mascara gives me just the right amount of oomph for any occasion.  I just bought a full size yesterday. =)

Serenity + Scott Powder Foundation – I discovered this brand at TMS Chicago this year. Their Powder Foundation is the bee’s knees. And when combined with my Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick I get perfect, natural looking skin. I’ve never used a powder foundation that mimics natural skin like this one. It is fabulous: wears softly on the skin, doesn’t stick to drier patches on the skin, or “sit” on top of the skin. I finally found a powder foundation that I like.

Urban Decay Naked Lipgloss in Naked – This was the ONLY product I have used on my lips for the past month (until my Berry obsession which happened at the tail end of August). Naked is the perfect shade of sheer peachy pink for me. It’s just gorgeous with an added bonus of not drying my lips out as it has some née moisturizing properties packed in it.. I also adore the packaging, it’s very luxe and a definite conversation starter.

Anastasia Brow Wiz – Try as I may I cannot find anything that replaces my beloved Anastasia Brow Wiz. I love a natural brow that has some skin peaking through. And I can get this effect with my beloved Brow Wiz. The skinny tip is perfect for creating a natural brow and I like the spoolie on the end. This is an all in one product for me but if it’s insanely muggy out I do need to set it with a powder.

As you can tell by now I went ultra natural for August 2104. Was it hot and muggy in your neck of the woods like it was here? What were your faves for the month of August 2014?