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Season Greetings my lovely readers! Your girl here wanted to do something special this holiday season for my virtual family. I WAS going to give away a few of my favorite things but then I thought, “What if you don’t like what I like”? Instead I am going to give one lucky reader a $50 USD Gift Card to Sephora so you can pick up a few of your favorite things from Sephora. But wait, it gets even better! I’ve teamed up with thirty four other bloggers to do very special blog hop. Good luck and have fun!
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*** Blog Hop info below. Good Luck! ***

A total of 35 fabulous beauty bloggers have all teamed up to give away “A Few of Our Favorite BEAUTY Things!” to our readers! It was created to be a fun blog hop to give back to you — our readers — and hopefully help you discover new beauty blogs and makeup lovers along the way!

A Few of Our Favorite Beauty Things // Holiday Giveaway // Blog Hop // #holidaygiveaway #giveawayHere’s How it Works: Each of the 35 blogs participating in this blog hop are giving away their own bundle of beauty items on their blog. Yes, you heard that right — 35 separate giveaways that you have a chance to win! So after you’ve entered my giveaway, make sure you hop to all the other blogs (linked below) for more beauty products that you could win!

It Gets Better: As if that wasn’t awesome enough…we’ve added a little something to make the giveaway even sweeter! For those gals who can’t pass up on the chance to win beauty products…if you enter into all the giveaways in the blog hop than you’re eligible to enter to win a $200 eGiftcard to Sephora or Ulta (winners choice!). If you live somewhere where Sephora or Ulta doesn’t ship, no worries! You’ll be given the $200 via PayPal to use at whatever beauty store you have in your country!

International Readers: There are a few blogs who do not have their giveaway open worldwide, but you can still enter to win the grand prize giveaway! For all the blogs in this hop that do not have their giveaway open worldwide, all you have to do is check out their giveaway, complete the one required entry, and leave them a comment on their giveaway post letting them know you’re international but still did the required entry so that you can have a chance to win the grand prize!

You got all that? Any questions, just ask below! Let’s get into this hop!

In the event that you get an ERROR message when clicking on any of the links below, try clicking on the HOME page of that blog. Or come back later and try again. There are often hiccups that happen in the beginning of a pre-scheduled blog hop such as this. Thank you for your patience!

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GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY: $200 Sephora, Ulta, (or PayPal) eGiftcard

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All About Dermaroller

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dermaroller everyday beauty blog

Dermaroller, or micro-needling, is a very specific type of skincare treatment that can treat several different skin problems. You have probably heard of it already, since it’s fairly popular among those who want clearer, healthier skin. However, you might not really understand the process or what to expect from it. To understand all of that, you have to start with identifying the source of your skin issues.

Reasons for Skin Problems to Occur

The biggest reason for skin problems that most people think of is plain old age. Everyone tends to wind up with wrinkles when they get older, not to mention discolored patches of skin (liver spots/sun spots), dry skin, and skin that just feels thin or papery to the touch. Well, it is true that age can certainly create skin problems, especially since your body will produce less healthy proteins and hormones as you age, but there are other things that make contributions to skin problems.

Lack of exercise can have a negative impact on your skin, as can lack of sleep. If you aren’t eating a healthy diet, that can also be a contributing factor. You also have to take a long, hard look at the products and outside influences you expose your skin to on a regular basis. Smoking, drinking, or using too many products that contain harsh chemicals can easily lead to a variety of different skin problems that have nothing to do with age, or they can make natural skin problems associated with aging progress much more quickly.

The Difference Between Lasers and Dermaroller Treatments

You might be wondering what the difference is between lasers and Dermaroller treatments. Well, there are several differences. But the most important one may be that the hand-held Dermaroller (micro-needling) device doesn’t tend to have a negative impact on skin pigment. Whereas, if your skin is dark, certain medical laser devices can actually cause unsightly discolored patches on your skin. Although, other laser devices may be able to treat your skin with no problems at all. It all depends on the individual procedure and your specific case.

dermaroller everyday beauty blog

The Actual Dermaroller Appointment Process

Before you make your first Dermaroller appointment, you need to know what the process will be like. The technician will begin by numbing the section of skin you want them to treat. Then they will take a hand-held device covered in tiny needles and roll it over that section of skin several times in different directions. That will leave tiny puncture holes in your skin, which may bleed for a short time after the treatment is over. That’s perfectly normal.

The point of puncturing your skin with tiny needles is to damage it just enough that your body’s natural defenses will kick in. Then your body should send out healthy proteins, which will not only repair the minor damage done by the Dermaroller tool, but also repair some of the skin issues you want to treat in the process. It’s a minimally invasive way to convince your body to strengthen and tighten your skin.

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UDXGWEN Holiday 2015 Review

UDXGWEN main hero 1 everyday beauty blog

After a couple a months of waiting patiently for Urban Decay’s first collaboration with Gwen Stefani, UDXGWEN is finally here!!! This eyeshadow palette contains 15 shadows of varying finishes in neutral shades with a few pops of color. It retails for $58.00 USD, contains 15 x .04 OZ eyeshadows and I am not sure if it is in their permanent line up (Sephora has it listed as Limited Edition). UDXGWEN is available pretty much everywhere as of today. You can find it online and at Urban Decay retailers nationwide.

Before you run out to Ulta, Sephora, Macys, etc. let me give you my honest opinion of the UDXGWEN palette. There are 15 eyeshadows total in the palette: 12 are new and 3 are re-promotes (Blackout being the only shade available as a single). UDXGWEN screams everyday neutrals. If you own any of the Urban Decay Naked palettes and you are on a tight beauty budget, you can skip this palette. Now, that doesn’t mean that UDXGWEN is bad by any means (quite the opposite actually!). It’s just not something that we haven’t seen before from most brands.

UDXGWEN main 2 photo everyday beauty blog

The quality of the eyeshadows in the UDXGWEN palette is on par with what you would expect from a brand like Urban Decay. Two of the shadows were a little lackluster: Harajuku and Pop. But Urban Decay “lackluster” is still better than most other brands “good” eyeshadows. Some of my faves from the UDXGWEN palettes are Blonde, Steady, Baby, Danger and Blackout. UDXGWEN leans very warm in terms of overall tone. The shadows come in a variety of finishes: 5 complete mattes (Punk, Anaheim, Stark, Zone and Blackout), Satin (Blonde and Skimp), Shimmer (Bathwater, Steady, and Baby) Matte w/ Microglitter (Serious), and Shimmery/Glittery (Pop, Harajuku, Danger and 1987).

udxgwen swatches line 1

This line of shadows was really hard to swatch because of how close to my skin tone the first three are. L to R: Blonde, Bathwater, Skimp, Steady and Pink

UDXGWEN Swatches line 2 everyday beauty blog

L to R: Baby, Anaheim, Stark, Zone and Serious

UDXGWEN line 3 swatches Everyday Beauty Blog

L to R: Pop, Harajuku, Danger, 1987 and Blackout

The packaging of UDXGWEN is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! I have to say this is hands down the best designed palette urban Decay has ever produced. It’s compact and lightweight making UDXGWEN perfect for travel. Th palette comes with a large mirror to make application on the go easier. The plastic casing is pretty durable and an upgrade from the packaging on their Naked palettes. This palette is a pretty addition to any vanity. I have been in love with the design of the palette since it was teased months ago. The jaded beauty collector in me actually squealed in delight when I opened my UDXGWEN, that’s how pretty it is.

Along with the quality of the shadows and packaging, UDXGWEN is a beauty steal! A full sized Urban Decay eyeshadow comes in at .05 OZ for $19 each. The shadows in the palette come in at .04 OZ each (only .01 difference from full size) but you’re getting 15 shadows that would retail normally for $282 USD for just $54 USD. You really can’t beat the price, especially if you don’t own a really good neutral shadow palette. My UXGWEN palette came with a bonus too. I got a sample sheet of 4 shades from Gwen Stefani’s upcoming lipstick line from Urban Decay due to launch in the Spring.

UDXGWEN is the business and one of my favorite palettes to come out this year. It’s simply stunning to look at and an absolute beauty steal when you consider the price/quality! UDXGWEN is the perfect gift for the holidays if you have a beauty buff on your list or someone who is just starting to experiment with makeup. The hype train is real on this palette folks!

A few of my fellow beauty buffs and I will be giving away 4 UDXGWEN palettes. Keep an eye on my Instagram and other social media channels for more information later on today! Good luck!

UDXGWEN giveaway hero


Mirabella Jewel Thief Holiday 2015

(Press Samples)

mirabella jewel thief holiday 2015

Mirabella’s Holiday 2015 Collection is set to steal your eyes and lips this holiday season! The Jewel Thief Holiday 2015  collection consist of two of the cutest eyeshadow palettes I’ve seen in a while, two new additions to their Velvet Lip line and an eyeshadow pencil. The entire collection is available now on their site.

Mirabella is one of the most underrated cosmetics brands out there right now. Seriously, I haven’t disliked anything I have tried from Mirabella before. And this collection is really no different. Before ! breakdown what was sent to me let me just say that Mirabella’s Brow Pencils are also insanely good! Lets dive into the Mirabella Jewel Thief Holiday 2015 Collection.

There are two Second Skin Eyeshadow Palettes in the collection. I have Diamond Deceit Second Skin Eyeshadow palette which is a collection of shimmery/glittery neutrals with a fun pop of color. The other palette is a collection of purples called Lavender Larceny.  These Second Skin eyeshadows can be applied as a sheer wash of shimmery color or each shadow can be built up to increase the intensity of the color payoff. Each shade in the palette is silky smooth even with the amount of micro glitter present in the formula. I had zero issues applying the eyeshadows. Due to the shimmery, glittery nature of these shadows I do suggest applying them over a sticky base/primer. I get about eight to ten hours of wear time with these when wore over a decent primer.

mirabella jewel thief diamond decadence swatches

The shadows don’t swatch well but on your eyes over a base they are stunning!

To go with your shimmery neutrals, I was also sent Mirabella’s Blackmail Eye Crayon. This chubby eye eye pencil is a deep matte black. It’s an intensely creamy formula that can be used as a base for a holiday smoky eye OR you can use it as eyeliner. Blackmail has been a go to eyeliner for me because of how creamy and long wearing it is. I love creating a smoky, neutral everyday look with Blackmail. Once this baby sets, it’s pretty budge proof. However, it is not completely waterproof. If you tend to rub your eyes frequently I would avoid Blackmail. Overall it’s a great addition to the Mirabella Jewel thief Collection.

Finally there are two chubby lip pencils in the Mirabelle Jewel Thief collection. Mireabella Velvet Lip Pencils: Wanted and Vice. I was sent Wanted, a pretty shade of pink with a hint of brown to it. I want more of these! Wanted is like an intensely pigmented lip balm. It’s creamy and moisturizing but it doesn’t need a lipliner to make it work. Very “Your Lips But Better” shade. Perfect for an everyday holiday look and easy enough to apply that you can carry it in your purse. I am tempted to try more of their Velvet Lip pencil line. Maybe after the holidays.

mirabella jewel thief holiday 2015 wanted and blackmail swatches

All in all this a very holiday appropriate collection. The Mirabella Jewel Thief Collection delivers on all fronts! Fun, holiday shimmer that will bring out your festive side just in time for all the Winter Holidays! Have you tried anything from the Mirabella line? What are your favorites?




Date Night Ready

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date night must haves everyday beauty blog


Date Night! After a ridiculously busy day your significant other has asked you out on an impromptu date. “See you in thirty,’ they say. Date night is here! You have JUST 30 minutes to get ready and you don’t want to keep him or her waiting!  Your girl has a quick tutorial to get you looking and feeling your best in 30 minutes or less!

If you’re life is anything like mine, you are probably splitting your day between work, household chores and the kids (or dogs in my case!). As excited as we are for date night we can feel tired and need a boost. “Let Your Healthy Out” with a delicious dose of Emergen-C! My personal favorite flavor is Cranberry Pomegranate. This fizzy drink is loaded with Vitamin C to provide a boost that you probably need at this point. Plus, it’s delicious. Sip your emergency and pull out your date night appropriate outfit. My go to just happens to be

Now that we have our energy up, it’s time to worry about hair and make up! Keep your makeup simple. Before you start any makeup, prep your lips and get them kiss worthy with your favorite lipbalm. My go to is ChapStick Total Hydration!  Its advanced nourishing formula with argan oil and avocado butter and rosehip oils gets even my dragon scale lips kiss worthy. Apply a light layer to your lips. Too much lip balm can actually make chapped lips worth.

Simple date night makeup highlights your natural features. Start with a clean, well moisturized  face. Use your favorite concealer and just touch up the areas that are problematic for you. Follow up with a light dusting of powder to set the foundation. I like to use a tinted powder that mimics the natural look of skin that way I don’t have to worry about spending time blending a liquid/cream foundation. I finish of my skin with a blush that gives me that naturally flushed look.

To complete my look I fill in my brows, add a light wash of slightly shimmery neutral shadow to my lids, smudge in a bit of smoky purple pencil liner (or the color of your choice) and some mascara. I tend to not go for a red, burgundy or deep vampy lips for date night. I usually just amp up my natural lip color. Instead of slathering my lips with a gloss, I apply a light layer of my ChapStick Total Hydration using my fingers to give me a slightly pouty glow.

Getting your hair ready can be tricky. My tip is to go for a quick messy bun or a sleek ponytail. Both hairstyles are easy to do and take almost no time. However, if you’re like me and prefer to wear your hair down, I create a bouncy wave using velcro rollers, my hair dryer and a little hairspray..

I wrap my entire head in velcro rollers of various sizes. This does not have to be exact because we are going to heat set the wave using your hair dryer on high. Blast your hair for two minutes making sure you’re getting all of the rollers nice and warm. Let hair cool completely. You can do this hair style before your makeup and after getting dressed. Giving your hair ample time to cool. Once your hair is cool carefully remove the hair rollers and fluff with your fingers. Set your look with a light hold hairspray. You can also do this hair style before your makeup and after getting dressed. Giving your hair ample time to cool.

date night must haves everyday beauty blog

date night must haves everyday beauty blog

Put on your favorite frock and voila: Date night ready! I toss my ChapStick Total Hydration, a powder compact and my lipstick into a little bag. I always make sure that I am carrying my pain medication of choice: Advil. The original round tablets providing safe, effective pain relief for over 25 years. I carry a little vial of Advil because you never know when you’re going to need it and it is better to be safe than sorry.

date night must haves everyday beauty blog

My non beauty Date Night Must Haves!

date night must haves everyday beauty blog

You can find all three of these items at your local Walmart. The Advil travel tubes are usually located at the checkout lanes. ChapStick and EmergenC are available in the Pharmaceutical section. You can find the ChapStick on specially marked end caps. EmergenC can be found in the Supplement Aisle and on special end cap displays.

This look didn’t cost me big bucks. I grabbed most of these items from my local Walmart. What are your go to looks for date night? Do you have a favorite drugstore product that is essential for your date night look? Let me know in the comments below.



This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #BeHealthyForEveryPartofLife #CollectiveBias